Kitchen Counter tops: 5 Best Materials to Choose

Choosing the material for a kitchen counter top can be tricky. You need to consider the budget, design, and durability. To help you decide the best material to use for your kitchen counter tops, here are the 5 best materials to choose.

1. Granite 

If you plan to remodel your kitchen counter top with high-quality material, pick granite. Granite is the best material for kitchen counter tops. Granite gives an elegant and luxurious touch to your kitchen. Despite the expensive price, granite is durable and strong. Many granite types are also available so you can choose the best granite type for a counter top.

Kitchen countertops with white granite are the right choice to make your kitchen look clean, neat and elegant at the same time. Combined with this white cabinet, it will look harmonious and have a charming design. White Granite Countertops from @ryanreynoldsgaribay

Granite-coated kitchen countertops of the highest quality for the durability of your kitchen countertops. This is a simple idea that you can try because it has an elegant and charming home design. Granite Counter Kitchen from @alliance_sir

The kitchen countertop is finished in neutral granite. With the brown color attached to your kitchen counter top you can make your kitchen look elegant and neat at the same time. Granite Countertops from @alphacountertops

High-quality black patterned granite as a kitchen countertop for a glamorous impression on your kitchen. This is a simple idea that you can try because it has an elegant and minimalist appearance. Black Granite Countertop from @shs_homeimprovement

2. Concrete

Over the years, concrete becomes one of the best materials to use in kitchen counter tops. This material is extremely durable and hard. It also gives you a smooth finish. The advantage of choosing concrete is this material is heat-resistant and won’t scratch. It also consists of lots of colors so you can choose the most suitable color with your kitchen style.

A simple, high-quality kitchen table made of concrete can be your choice when looking for a kitchen design. Choosing this style looks minimalist and a different design. Concrete Kitchen from

Installing a gray concrete counter top that matches the color of the backsplash does more for your kitchen. By choosing dark colors and hard materials, your kitchen will last longer and not look dirty. Modern Concrete Countertop from

The kitchen table is composed of concrete with brown and gray shades. Wooden and concrete material are good combination to create a natural impression in your kitchen. It has good durability and won’t scratch. Concrete Countertop and Wood Cabinet from @jmlifestyles

A worktop with a gray concrete pattern finish and wooden cabinets underneath is a great design for a kitchen. Moreover, the floor is made of concrete material, of course your kitchen has a long durability. Modern Kitchen Countertop from @buildinginburra

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3. Solid Surfaces

Are you looking for the best kitchen counter tops material? Solid surfaces are the answer. Made from a dense polyester, acrylic, or the blend of both, solid surfaces materials consist of a wide variety of pattern choices and colors. This material is low maintenance and repairable. 

The white solid surface blends perfectly with the color of the kitchen cabinets. This counter top is low maintenance and can create an elegant look. White and Gray Acrylic Kitchen from @kitchen_world_ireland

The large kitchen countertop in acrylic and nice print blends perfectly with the white kitchen theme. Combined with black in this cabinet it is the perfect kitchen decoration. Black and White Kitchen Countertop from @kraftwood_modular

An acrylic as a kitchen table material with a smooth surface and good pattern is resistant to scratches and can upgrade your kitchen look instantly. White Acrylic Countertop from @supremeinterio21

4. Marble

One of the high-quality materials to consider when remodeling the kitchen counter tops is marble. Considered as the highly-prized material, marble gives a variety of unique motive. This motive will create a luxurious look for the kitchen. Marble is also heatproof and waterproof so you can use it for a baking center counter top. 

Soft and smooth with a simple marble motif attached to the kitchen table can make your kitchen look more luxurious. Having this Mid-Century style will create a charming and elegant home decor. Mid-Century Marble Kitchen from @duststory

The white color on the marble kitchen table makes the kitchen table look aesthetic and historical. Having white in these cabinets will also result in a clean, polished look and a distinct design. All-White Marble Kitchen from @jules.interior

The strong construction of white marble that sits on the countertop can add to the look of your kitchen. Besides that, it will add an elegant look and a perfect look. White Marble Countertop from @shalmaikeim

Pink marble is not a mistake for decorating kitchen countertops. You can do any kitchen activity without fear of looking dirty. This pink cabinet will also produce a beautiful and stylish kitchen decoration. Pink Marble Countertop from @vestainteriordesign

This modern kitchen décor is complemented by white and green marble cabinets for an elegant finish to your kitchen. This pendant light just above the kitchen island has a dramatic yellow glow. White Marble Countertop from @michaela_feldman

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5. Soapstone

Remodel your kitchen counter tops with soapstone material. This material gives a historic and antique finish to your kitchen. With the dark gray color and silky, smooth feel, soapstone materials are quite durable and resistant to the stain. This material is also fairly heatproof and rich in colors. Have you decided the material to use for your cabinet? Use one of these 5 best materials for perfect kitchen counter tops!

Antique and historical value in every corner of the kitchen table with soapstone coating is the right choice to make your kitchen more historic. Having this black color can change the appearance of the kitchen to be more elegant and beautiful. Black Soapstone Countertop from @superiormarblegranite

A black and white soapstone pattern for the worktop combines with wood kitchen cabinets for a vintage look in your kitchen. Having these white sheets can transform your home countertop and have a perfect look. Soapstone Countertop from @mteixeirasoapstone

Black soapstone on the worktop is teamed with wood cabinets to create an attractive look and a natural touch. This simple design gives an attractive appearance and a different design. Soapstone and Wood Cabinet from @mteixeirasoapstone

Soapstone gives a refined and artistic look to a kitchen counter. Having a black countertop color will give the impression of a minimalist room and a different design. Black Soapstone from @stewartscarpentryllc


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