3 Ethnic Decorations that will Spice Up Your Home

These days, ethnic decorations are growing in popularity, and it is easy to see why. They look unique, add soul to your home, and often are affordable. Also, thanks to the internet, you can easily find ethnic-inspired home decoration ideas and even buy your own ethnic items. Unsure where to start? This article will explain three of the most prominent ethnic decoration variations available.

1. Japanese-style home decor 

When talking about ethnic decorations, Japanese-style decor would often pop up on your mind. The philosophy of Japanese decoration is “Zen”, which means peaceful simplicity and love for natural beauty. Adding Japanese element to your home could be as simple as adding traditional Japanese plants, such as bonsai and bamboo. If your home allows, you can also add sliding doors and expansive windows that emphasize the Zen philosophy further.

To get the impression of traditional ethnic style in Japanese home decor, putting bamboo trees at the corner is the most appropriate way. The natural and fresh impression makes the bathroom more comfortable.

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Doors are a top priority for home design in Japanese style. Sliding door designs like houses in Japan are usually made with simple and thin material. It will beautify your room if your room probably to install with this door.

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Simple but it has aesthetic and philosophical values are install sliding door. It will represent the characteristics of an ethnic style in Japanese home decoration.

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Even though it looks small, bonsai can give an extraordinary appearance in your room. Natural green and cute impression will makes the home design have ethnic style like in Japanese home decoration.

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2. Moroccan home decor

Another ethnic decoration that might be interesting is Moroccan decoration. It mixes well with trendy bohemian interiors, and the ornaments are easy to find. For example, to start decorating your home with Moroccan style, you need to buy Moroccan rug or throw pillows. Then, expand the style one step at the time by adding more elements, such as vintage vase or pot. The beauty of Moroccan style is that it is a versatile style so that you can incorporate it easily to various architecture design.

Moroccans have created unique rugs and cushions for centuries. Carpet and throw pillow designs that focus on abstract patterns and thickness, make the style of the house like being in Morocco

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Placing some thick carpets and pillows for the room is the best way to display Moroccan-style home designs. Simple but comfortable to look at

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Flower vases and pots provide a high level of power to beautify a Moroccan style to the room of the house. Adding a Moroccan rug can create the room looks more like in Morocco. Easy to apply and hassle-free.

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One of the beauty of Moroccan style home designs is the flower vases and pots that are lined up. Unique and natural impression combined with other interiors.

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3. Indian home decor

Last but not least, let’s talk about Indian decoration. Indian home decoration also works well in homes of any size. The signature touches of Indian decor are colors, warmth, and handicraft. Add Rajahstani turban as a key holder or plant holder or get colorful Indian painting to enhance the warmth of your home. 

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Bright colors can provide warmth and comfort to your home’s room with India home decoration. Colors like light brown with a soft texture give it a feel of being in India. Moreover adds a rug with the Indian motif can make the room more Indians.

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The hallmark of an Indian-style house is a painting of an elephant. It will enhance the warmth of your bedroom.

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Hand paintings Hyena are the characteristic of Indian culture. The historical value that you have in it supports the Indian-style home interior.

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To get the character of Indian culture, just put the picture paintings of dancing people. With perfect detail, the room will be like an Indian home and can spice up your home.

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Decorating your house couldn’t be easier with these home decoration ideas. 

Source: https://www.thespruce.com/moroccan-decor-ideas-4171509

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