4 Steps to Get You Started with Bathroom Remodel

Getting bored with your old bathtub and other bath fixtures? Or are you looking for a way to spice up the bathroom entirely? If you answer yes to both questions, you clearly need a bathroom remodel. It allows you to change the entire layout of the bathroom and at the same time, replace any old bath fixture that you no longer like. 

To help you get started with bathroom remodeling, here are several steps to do in the initial process. 

1. Set the Budget

A good remodeling plan is the one that doesn’t go over your budget. That’s why setting your remodeling budget is an important step which you need to consider carefully.

To plan the budget, do thorough research on how much remodeling bathroom usually costs in your area. Once you’ve got an estimated value, give additional cost at least 20 percent of the budget for labor or unexpected needs.

2. Outline Bathroom Plan and Layout

When the budget is settled, you can start outlining the plan and layout for the bathroom remodel. Think about the bathroom’s color scheme, new fixtures, or if needed, the relocation of plumbing pipes and electrical wires. Keep in mind that any plan and design you choose should always stick to the budget that you have set earlier.

3. Remove the Old Bathroom Fixtures

Another important step to get you started with bathroom renovation is removing the old bathroom fixtures. Start by draining the toilet and removing it firstly to prevent unpleasant leaks. Then, you can remove the bathtub, wall insulation, bathroom cabinets and vanities, mirrors, and finally, the entire floor tiles if you also want to replace them.

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4. Start Fresh with Flooring and Wall

After the old bathroom features are all removed, it’s time to actually start your remodeling plan. The best way to begin is by reinstalling and retailing the wall and floors. From this point, it will be easier for you to reinstall the other features, including the main fixtures like the bathtub, shower, or toilet. Now, with those steps in mind, you can go on to the next steps of your bathroom remodel plan. Note that the steps mentioned above only serve as a head start to make sure you are fully prepared before renovating the bathroom.

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