5 Art Deco-Style House Designs for a Fun and Colorful Junkie

Art deco is a style of interior design and architecture that was popular around 1920-1930. Contemporary, lavish, and elegant are the hallmarks of this design concept. And, here are five art deco-style house designs that will inspire you.

1. Art deco kitchen with a combination of pink, gold, and blue

Bringing art deco vibe to the kitchen area can be an attractive option. You can embed soft pink on the terrazzo, which brings the midcentury atmosphere into the kitchen. Invest in the blue cabinetry and gold faucet too. These bold colors can perfectly blend with the white-plastered wall.

Equally important, round hanging lights also give a thick medieval impression. You can also add vines to give a natural impression. The soft blue color on the cabinet, gold faucet and pink counter top blends well with white walls in the kitchen.

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2. Art deco-style furnishings as a great statement

The 1920’s furniture is a good statement for your art deco living room. So, do not hesitate to jazz up the room with ebony-made, curved furniture. Some symmetrical and timeless geometric designs are essential to art deco traits as well. And for the final touch, a metallic blue rug brings a glamorous look to the floor.

You can add palm plants in pots and put at the corners of the room. Like a family room in the Middle Ages, the fireplace is very important to ward off the cold. Wood accents on each detail represent the art deco design and don’t forget to add a large blue rug to give glamorous to the living room.

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3. Modern art deco bathroom with yellow accent

This art deco bathroom receives unique treatment on its ceiling. Boasting high profile tub with a black mantle. Then, the backdrop is painted yellow, giving a lovely point of interest. No less important, black and white tiles make everything.

You can try this art deco design in your bathroom. The marble around the sink gave rise to a medieval atmosphere. Painting the walls with yellow color can bright impression and can be focal interest to your bathroom. And the classic shaped lights above the mirror can add the beauty of your bathroom.

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4. Moss blue and burgundy as the highlight 

This art deco-style house merges bold colors featuring a simple yet welcoming design. Moss blue is applied to window and door frames. Meanwhile, burgundy accentuates the outer frame, which provides an artistic look. The combination of both is certainly the right choice to get rid of the stiff impression on the white wall.

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Colors like these are often unthinkable by us in the making of home. Generally we more often choose neutral colors. It must be admitted that this color combination makes an interesting impression. Trying to apply moos blue to the window and door frame and combined with burgundy color can give the nice combination to blend well with white walls.

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5. Geometric designs furnished with bold blue

Bright blue blends with purple, while some details are given injections of pink and gold. The bold color selection also makes each ornament steal the attention in their own way. And, as a great focal point, a geometric purple rug perfects the art deco mood.

The white cover on the sofa adds to the artistic in this living room. You can also put old artistic paintings on the wall. Again the fireplace and wood accents add to the impression of art deco in this living room. Applying bold color such as blue to the whole of your living room can steal the pay attention of your guest, especially if it paired with the large purple rug.

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In art deco style, you have no limits when choosing colors. It is very different from a minimalist or modern design. Accordingly, you can perform a variety of colors in a room, including bright and striking colors. Then, are you thinking of remodeling your space into an art deco-style house?


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