5 Tips to Pick the Most Suitable TV Stand for Your Space

Not just for entertainment purposes, your sophisticated flat-screen TV could also be a focal point in your home. That is why having a nice TV stand is very important because it can help you to showcase your television more aesthetically. Then, here are five tips for choosing the most suitable TV stand for your space.

1. Choose the Most Appropriate Size

Before deciding to buy a TV stand, ensure that you already know the size of the living room or other space where the television will be placed. After that, choose the one that can accommodate the size of your television and other electronic items, such as speakers, DVD players, and so forth. 

An attractive TV stand with wood material painted matching color to the living room table. The size is not so big but it is suitable for other TV supporting devices.
The small TV stand allows it to be installed in a small room. You can also add artistic flower pot jars to add interest in your living room.
You can get around the small room by choosing a slim TV stand. This TV stand has only a few small shelves.
Even though there isn’t enough room to install your TV, you can place a small black TV stand in one corner of your living room.
A long but not too high TV stand is suitable for a room that has a long side. Placing the TV stand that adjust the room shape will be add an artistic look in your room.
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2. Select the Right Design

When choosing a TV stand, you should also consider the design. If your home comes with minimalist design, opt for the one that has a simple look. However, if the interior design of your home has a vintage mood, you are strongly suggested to choose a wood-carved or teak TV stand that will strengthen the ethnic impression of your space.

In this modern but minimalist family room you can choose a wooden accent TV stand combined with glass.
This wooden TV set in white paint is very simple and minimalist. Suitable to be placed in the room with a minimalist theme.
In a modern contemporary living room design you can choose this TV stand. With a glossy black material and fluorescent lights can create a future atmosphere.
If you like the classic theme, you can choose the design of a classic TV stand made of wood painted in pastel blue.
A modern black and white TV stand with neon blue accents are looks simple but very elegant.
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3. Go for High-Quality Materials

Nowadays, TV stands are available in various material options. You can choose a stand made of wood, plywood, glass, or even a combination of wood and glass. Still, the wooden TV stand is indeed the most robust one compared to other materials.

A brown TV stand that made from plywood material is suitable for those of you who want high quality of TV stand. With brown color it can create a natural nuance in your room.
A TV stand with glass material can also be selected because the room can look more clean and modern.
A modern TV stand with semi-circular stainless steel material facing upwards to inspire your family room decoration.
An attractive TV stand with a combination of iron and wood are have good quality and durability. This material combination is suitable to get rustic style in your home.
A wonderful TV stand with transparent glass material is suitable for modern home design. Because it is very simple but sophisticated for your living room decor inspiration.
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4. Get the Right Color

Also, consider the right color for your TV stand. If your wall is white, do not choose the same tone for your TV stand. That will make your space feel plain and boring. It would be better if you have the more contrasting one, but still matching the interior design of your room.

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A brown wooden TV stand combined with colorful checkered carpets are suitable to get contrast look for plain white walls.
The black TV stand can also be installed in a light gray room. It looks contrasting but very interesting.
The black TV stand can also be fitted to a cream room. This TV stand is also can store your book collections.
The natural wood color on this TV stand is in line with the color of the light gray accented wall.
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A beautiful TV stand with yellow wood color is matching with flower wallpaper as a background. It can make a cheerful impression of your room.

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5. Determine Your Comfortable Viewing Height

The ideal TV height is around 42 inches. However, the best position relies on the height of your chairs or sofas.

A comfortable TV stand with a not too high paired with a short wooden table are can create a comfortable feel while looking the TV.
A wooden TV stand about 42 inches high is ideal to pair with a comfortable sofa.
An amazing TV stand with black wooden materials in dark theme living room that have 42 inches high are suitable to get comfortable viewing the TV.
A small but long white TV stand is suitable for rooms that are not too high.
A fabulous living room with classic wooden TV stand paired with dark grey cozy sofa for your small living room decor ideas.
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For a more comfortable viewing experience, choose a TV stand that offers the criteria above.

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