How to Make A Decorative Key Hanger with Wooden Slab

Make your key hanger more interesting with a wooden slab. This DIY decor is easy and perfect for a weekend project. You can buy a wooden slab from art, home and craft store, carpentry store, or any business that has leftover timber slabs.

Key Hanger Materials

Prepare a clean wooden slab for this DIY key hanger, with a slightly bigger size than a standard plate. Treat the surface with polyurethane to prevent pests and bugs from damaging your key hanger over time. You don’t need to do this if the slab is pre-treated.

You also need a drill, screws, hooks, brush, oil paint, tape, and stickers. Use two or three paint colors to create a color-blocking technique. Choose large alphabet stickers that you can arrange into words, such as “KEYS HERE” or “MY KEYS,” or other words you fancy.

Get creative with decorative materials. Choose stickers with a shiny surface that you can see from afar (glow-in-the-dark stickers are even better). Pick loud paint combinations, such as red and green or orange and blue.


Here are the steps for this easy DIY decor:

  1. Place strips of tape on the surface of the slab to create three “color zones.” You can also leave one zone uncovered for a more natural look.
  2. Paint the zones with any color combinations you like. Let dry and repeat to get solid colors.
  3. Start drilling on each side of the slab surface to attach the screws and hooks (if you need more hooks, drill the top and bottom parts, too).
  4. Use alphabet stickers to arrange the words in the middle part of the slab.
  5. Attach the slab on the wall with wood glue. Alternatively, attach other hooks on the top edge of the slab, and hang it using ropes on the wall hooks.
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If you need a place to hang your key so that it’s easy to find it when you need it, then a DIY key hanger that is made of wooden slab materials is the best solution you should have in your home. In addition, this material is easy to find around the house and greatly saves expenses.
The materials needed to make the DIY hanger key are hook brass, isolatives, brushes, two-color paint, wooden slabs and alphabet stickers. Make the best you can with your smart and creative ideas. Besides being used as a key hanger, this tool can also be used for wall decorations that look attractive and unique.
Attach the isolative to the diameter of the wooden slab as shown above. Then paint with bright colors like green and pink so that your hanger key looks more fashionable and beautiful when it is attached to the wall of your home. Paint the wooden slab carefully to keep it neat.
To enhance the appearance of the DIY hanger key, you can add gold alphabet stickers mounted on the surface of the wooden slab. Attach it in accordance with the writing of the use of this item that is “KEYS PLEASE”. With that the decorative hanger key with wooden slab looks more complete and is more ready to use.
Make a hole in your wooden slab with a drilling machine so that it can be fitted with brass hooks with a strong and durable. Attach on the right and left wooden slab as shown above. If the hook is installed, the DIY hanger key is ready to be installed on the wall of the house and ready for use.

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This DIY decor is perfect for an entryway or mudroom. You will never forget to grab or return keys with this eye-catching wooden slab holder.


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