25 Covered Outdoor Kitchen Tips with Stunning Results

Cooking under a covered outdoor kitchen will boost your mood once surrounded by nature. The openness of the outdoor setting is undeniably refreshing for any occasion, and you want it to look as best as possible. Hence, we have covered some useful tips for those who are looking for such inspiration.


Focusing on the function means using appliances and settings you prefer the most. For instance, focusing on professional kitchen appliances and materials will suit your job as a trained chef, while laying out a relaxing lounge near the kitchen can always accommodate family members and guests at any time.

Metal tableware and white pergola with wooden screens used in this outdoor kitchen. Then, adding a lounge chair can make you enjoy the fun and excitement throughout the year outside.
The kitchen area here is really simple. Then, it is combined with the soft comfortable seat to let your family and guests really enjoy their outdoor dining.
A barbecue grill with table space and a place to sit and rest. A long kitchen that doesn’t take up much space, but it is so functional and efficient.

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This kitchen is great for entertaining if you just need to take the burden off when something is being cooked. A soft sofa is right behind the kitchen. There is also a coffee table to serve guests so there is room for everyone.
Make sure you have a comfortable place to store firewood. This pizza oven has a hiding place for firewood right below it and adds a recliner to relax or hit the food.

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When the sun descends, having decent kitchen lighting isn’t only brightening it out but also creating an intended ambiance as well as necessary safety. In principle, a well-lit kitchen will help you see and navigate things in the kitchen better.

Incorporating a heating source other than a fireplace is always a good idea. It’s usually better to provide too many ways to warm up than too little! Try lighting above the seat or dining room for the best functionality.

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Modern style ventilation and other modern equipment make this kitchen the top of the line with everything you need to make dishes as unique.
It is really rustic and charming. The most natural outdoor kitchen ideas and designs. Natural stone and open wooden beams. Modern equipment, modern grill, and lighting.

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The outdoor kitchen features this inviting open canopy for the kitchen with a pizza oven and a large kitchen island. Countertops are in stone, then the ceiling is wooden with modern lighting.

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Lighting is an important part of your outdoor kitchen. You will definitely want to have good lighting around the kitchen station and cook your food, as well as the serving area above.

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Cooking Space

Giving the proper kitchen space is really needed so that you can do your cooking with a good movement. Especially when you have such a big family or want to use it to invite your friends. Then, you will need such a wider space for sure. Anyway, the point here is how you can spare the space for you while cooking.

With a beautiful natural environment, you can make your outdoor kitchen ideas blend seamlessly into the background allowing you to escape and enjoy a quiet, peaceful vibe.
Amazing scenery and good food are some of the best things in life. If your home is fortunate to have beautiful views, why not enjoy both at the same time by building an outdoor kitchen.
This stone is a modern garden-style outdoor kitchen. Open and closed grill area that gives excessive cooking interest. Dark stone is a beautiful and vibrant design that accentuates your outdoor kitchen.
Having a bar in your outdoor kitchen is always a good idea. In fact, this is one of the most common outdoor kitchen designs because it is the perfect way to entertain friends and have an intimate party.
Turn your backyard pavilion into this classy outdoor kitchen. The timeless design features an L-shaped kitchen with a granite countertop and a galvanized base.

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All in One

Put things you keep using or any potentially dangerous material like the pizza oven or outdoor kitchen grill near the kitchen to let you move effortlessly from area to area. Hence, planning your layout will be extremely helpful.

The outdoor kitchen is best equipped with a grilling station. Having a grill station means that you and your family or friends can immediately enjoy a hot barbecue right from the grill.
Enjoy the evening and dinner in the open air in this patio kitchen. Just add a grill, oven, and some storage near your dining table on your terrace.
This outdoor kitchen has appliances that fit whatever you want to cook. From sophisticated pizza ovens and grills to cooktops big enough for a frying pan.
Make sure you have a comfortable place to store firewood. This fireplace has a hiding place for firewood right below it and adds a wooden table and rattan chairs.

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If you like pizza, then this must be the outdoor kitchen for you. Not only having a grill and a large island but a wood-burning pizza oven as well.

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Speaking of moving between different areas, the overall space has to be functional for cooking, relaxing, and entertaining—mainly when you finally deliver the tasty food in the serving area.

Stone is a staple of classic outdoor kitchens, and this simple brick pair provides a built-in base for grills, sinks and mini-refrigerators. The table complements the stone’s color and covers the entire space as an outdoor dining room with plenty of seating. Very balanced and warm.

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If you want a functional outdoor kitchen, thank you for the large preparation room, sink, storage room, and even the outdoor fridge.
If you have a backyard then you should definitely have a place where you can cook steaks and vegetables that are protected from rain and intense sunlight.
Provide adequate seating right next to the cooking station and beautiful chandeliers can make any night beautiful and create a comfortable atmosphere.
This roof kitchen even has a dishwasher by adding a few oriental touches that will make the room look more comfortable.

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We hope the covered outdoor kitchen ideas above will help solve your concern.

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