10 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small kitchens can present a host of problems. First, a cramped space means that you are far less able to achieve the elegance of a well-designed large kitchen. Second, smaller kitchens can be a significant hardship in terms of storage space. That’s why a good way to plan for a small kitchen is to look for the least amount of storage you need for the task at hand. A contemporary wooden hutch can double as a countertop, unless you really want to be stuck with it. When you do need storage, there are a few ideas on how to keep things organized and clutter-free.

Open Kitchen Shelving

Open shelving is useful in a small kitchen where you will be tending to the cooking and preparing food. It makes life easier by helping you organize all of your kitchen items. While you don’t want to do away with other types of shelving, an open shelving unit is the best way to organize your kitchen in a tidy manner.

One of the shelves that are suitable to use in a small kitchen is an open shelf like in the picture above. You can use the open shelves to store your herbs, some plates, or other kitchen items.
This white open kitchen rack has hooks underneath that can be used to hang your cups.
Using open kitchen shelves made of wood for a small kitchen is a brilliant idea. You can use these shelves for extra storage in your kitchen. And it can support to get a neat kitchen look.
Besides equipment, you can also put some decorations on your shelves. By putting decoration on the shelf you will have a kitchen that looks attractive.

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Smart Kitchen Storage

Making smart storage in a small kitchen can really help to make your day better and less stressful. Don’t let the tiny kitchen to keep you from having that one thing that will just make your day so much better. Here are some of the ways on how to smart storage in a small kitchen and be able to make it even more functional.

The sliding storage racks that located under the sink, is perfect for placing some items and will also make your kitchen tidy.
Placing storage inside the kitchen cabinet is a good idea to place pans and other equipment to make your kitchen look more organized. In addition, with this storage, you will be easier to find the items you need.
Your small kitchen will look neat with sliding shelves to place some food supplies. This is a really smart storage idea because by utilizing the limited space in your kitchen cabinet, you can create storage to store your food supplies.

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Wider with Perfect Kitchen Lightings

Lighting for small kitchen is essential to make a space lively and inviting. The kitchen is the most visited place in your home and people who frequent your home, sit at the kitchen table. That is why it is best to make your kitchen a place that gets all your guests excited about coming back to you. In order to achieve this goal, you need to include a few things that will make your kitchen attractive. Lighting for small kitchen will make a huge difference in your kitchen.

Using antique chandeliers in the small kitchen and placing flower decorations on the kitchen island will create an amazing kitchen display.
A small kitchen that uses lighting fixture in a blue pendant lamp and a large window will make a bright appearance during the day or night.
For the inviting kitchen lighting ideas, you can install a chandelier and a large window. Combined with white paint also will make your small kitchen looks bright and spacious.

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There are many ways that you can do to make your small kitchen becomes a comfortable place to serve the best cook. Make a kitchen looks neat, clean, and bright is one of the ways to make it happen. You can start to choose the best smart storage in your small kitchen and also don’t forget to install the proper lighting fixture in your kitchen. If you follow those ideas above, at least it can help you to decorate your small kitchen.


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