10 Outdoor Lighting Ideas with Recycled Goods

Outdoor lighting can serve both functional and decorative things. With some bulbs, candles used goods, and creativity, you can invent various creative outdoor lighting ideas. They are great for adding accents to your front yard or spicing up a garden party.

Try these easy but interesting ideas to create unique outdoor lighting from recycled goods.

Tin Can Candle Lights

Tin cans work great as atmosphere lamps for your outdoor party or dinner date. Open the top part and paint the can with glossy paint. Punch out various small holes around the can. You can attach a curved wire on top if you want to hang the can. When the sky darkens, light up a wide candle.

An old tin with a hole in the shape of a butterfly will look unique. You can add lights to it so that it will give a beautiful lighting to your outdoor decoration.

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DIY Tin Can Candle Lights hanging using curved wire on a tree branch will give your outdoor a classic and attractive look so they can attract attention.

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 Mason Jar Candles

Mason jars are favorite objects for recycled outdoor lighting ideas. You can place a single candle or tiny bulb inside. If you want extra décor, you can place pebbles or colorful sand inside the jar before putting in the candle. You can also stick ornaments outside the jars and hang them with colorful twines.

DIY outdoor lighting made of mason jar will make your garden look elegant. You can add some white pebbles and then place the candle in the mason jar so it looks stunning.

Image Source

Hanging mason jar candles by adding gravel into it will provide a warm light in your outdoor so that it can inspire.

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Wine Bottle Lamps

Wine bottles make great transparent shades for DIY outdoor lamps. You can cut the bottom half of the bottles and attach slender, low-watt bulbs inside, connecting them with cords that go through the necks. 

You can use used wine bottles for lighting ideas in your garden. Cutting the bottom half and attaching low-watt bulbs inside will make your lighting look unique.

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The colorful used wine bottles that are cut at the bottom and filled with light bulbs will be a creative light in your outdoor so that they look stunning.

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String Lights in Glass Jars

Want to look like you just captured fireflies? Insert a bunch of string lights into mason jars. Yellow lights will make the jars look like fireflies’ traps under the darkened sky. If you want something more festive, insert colorful fairy lights instead.

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Incorporating yellow string light on glass jars for outdoor lighting ideas will look beautiful. You can combine several glass jars and then hang them up so they look interesting.
Try using glass jars and string lights for your outdoor lighting ideas so that it will make your garden look creative and will look like fireflies.

Image Source

String Lights with Watering Can

Combining string lights and used watering can is quite popular nowadays. You can hang the watering can from a tall structure, with the spout facing the ground. Insert the string lights through the top and let them come out of the spout, forming a “stream” of light. 

You can use used watering cans for your outdoor lighting ideas. Using used storage cans equipped with string lights will make your garden look beautiful.
Used watering cans with string lights will be creative lighting in your outdoor decoration so that they can attract the attention of everyone who sees them.

Image Source

Avoid throwing away your old things; they may serve as great materials for outdoor lighting ideas. Try one or some of these ideas and see how beautifully lit your terrace, patio, or yard will become.


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