10 Tips in Creating a Garden Landscape for Front Yard

A garden adds a calming effect to a house. It increases the oxygen level around the house, and give the façade a nice decoration. Many people still think that a garden can only be applicable in a spacious area. In fact, having a limited space should not pull you back from having a good-looking garden. There are garden landscape ideas front yard that can work for a small area. 

To work with it, here are some tips that you should try.

1. Emphasize the Garden by Making a Path to the Door

A small garden usually means you have to utilize every space you have from the line of the street to the step of your door. To emphasize it, lay a stepping stone path or by using flagstone pavers. You can fill the rest of the area by using a flowering shrub or slow-growing turf.

Building a path to the door for your front yard decorating idea is an interesting idea. You can choose a path made of stone so that it will give a natural look.

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To perfect front yard decoration, try creating a path to the door. Choosing a path made of bricks will give it a classic look.

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2. Use Raised Bed or Planter Box

A raised bed or planter box divides the garden and the stepping area. Furthermore, it makes the plant orderly fashioned. Some flowers, for instance, need a deeper ground for the roots to grow. The raised bed can be a solution for that. Using a raised bed or planter box would also make it easier for you to take care of the plants. 

Decorating the front yard garden by using a garden bed for planting will make your garden look more organized and beautiful.

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Try using a garden bed made of concrete for planting ideas in your front yard so that it will make your outdoor decoration look simple but still attractive.
Using a garden bed for decorating your front yard is an interesting idea so that it will make your garden look neater. You can choose a garden bed made of concrete so that it is stronger.

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3. Plan a Cottage Garden

A cottage garden design derives from the need of a garden in a limited space. In making a cottage garden, you have the freedom to lay various plants, vegetables, and flowers. With low maintenance and diverse plants, a cottage garden can be the best garden landscape ideas front yard for your house. 

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To get a vintage-style front yard decoration, you can use a clay pot so it will look more classic and can be an inspiration.

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Building a wooden fence for your front yard decoration will present a simple but attractive vintage look. The stone garden bed will enhance your decor so that it looks more perfect.

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4. Plant Small Trees

If you don’t feel like planting bushes or shrubs, you can opt for small trees to fence off your small front yard. Some trees to try are Common Witch Hazel, Smoke Tree, Sun Valley Maple, and Paper Burch. 

Planting hazel trees in your front yard is the perfect idea. So that it will give a natural and refreshing feel of the forest.
Sun Valley Maple is the right choice for your front yard decorating idea so it looks beautiful and can be the perfect focal point.

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If you don’t feel like planting bushes or shrubs in your front yard, try planting small trees there. You can choose Sun Valley Maple so it will bring out a beautiful and stunning look.

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A small front yard goes a long way with the right choice of layout and trees. Remember, it is not only about the house’s appearance, but also about how comfortable it is for you to take care of the garden.


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