10 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That’ll Improve Your Space

A bathroom is usually designed smaller than other rooms in the house. Therefore, it is quite challenging to tidy up that space. So, as this issue often causes many people frustrated, we have collected these bathroom storage ideas for you. Their space-enhancing effect can definitely help you make the bathroom feel more spacious and organized.

Use Over-the-Toilet Rack to Enhance the Bathroom Space

This bathroom storage is functional and space-saving too. Most importantly, an over-the-toilet rack is available in many sizes and designs. Thus, it will be easily adapted to the free space of your toilet tank area.

To improve the space in your bathroom, install a cabinet above your toilet. This cabinet is very useful to save your toiletries and make it look neater. Pick the color of the cabinet that suitable to your bathroom color scheme and get a matching look.
Adding wooden baskets for the storage ideas above the toilet is a creative way to maximize your bathroom decor. Use them to store your toiletries and make it looks simple but neat.

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Set Floating Shelves to Provide More Storage Option

To declutter your messy counter space, try installing some floating shelves. This storage option will also help you spare more space to keep your bathroom supplies, without forcing you to remodel your bathroom design. That’s because this type of bathroom storage is adjustable to every space condition.

Taking advantage of the free wall space to hang the wooden floating shelf is a good idea. This storage is very practical and does not interfere with the main function of your bathroom design but very useful to keep the cleanliness in your bathroom.

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Your small bathroom will look more interesting and also functioned well with this floating shelf idea. The simple design of the wooden floating shelf can make your bathroom looks modern and can be used for extra storage if you only have a small bathroom.

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Choose Over-the-Door Storage Organizer to Tidy It Up

The back of the bathroom door is also your storage opportunity. Then, add an over-the-door organizer there to provide more storage possibilities for your petite bathroom. What’s more, you can use it as an extra rack for your bath towel or toilet paper supplies.

The crochet hanging rack will make it easier to store your belongings behind the door so they look tidier and more organized. Hang this shelf on a strong and sturdy metal hook.
Wicker baskets hanging behind the bathroom door will add practical storage space and save space for your small bathroom. Try this storage in your bathroom design.

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Accommodate Your Shower Space by Installing a Corner Shelf

Take advantage of the free space in your shower area by installing a corner shelf. This classic storage solution will certainly give more space to store your shower supplies, such as shampoo, conditioner, and many more.

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To make it easier for you to use shampoo and soap, installing a corner shelf near the bathroom is the right idea for you to try. This storage doesn’t take up much space so it can perfect for your small bathroom design.
Corner shelves should be your storage area in a small bathroom because apart from being easy and practical to install, corner shelves also look modern and minimalist.

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Use a Mirror with Shelf to Make the Bathroom Looks Bigger

The use of a mirror can certainly improve the bathroom look, making it appear more visually spacious. Furthermore, this storage choice is perfect for those who do not have a bathroom sink.

To enhance and maximize your bathroom design, the mirror that has a cabinet inside can be a good choice. It can illuminate your bathroom look and the shelves inside can be used to store your bathroom supplies.

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For more simple and doesn’t take up to much the space of your bathroom, choose the mirror with sliding racks inside. This design is very practical, all you have to do is just pulling out the rack if you want to take your toiletries.

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With a limited space availability, organizing a bathroom is indeed challenging. Therefore, try to free up more space by applying the bathroom storage ideas above!



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