Exterior Paint Colors Ideas to Make Your House Look Welcoming

When designing a house, exterior paint colors will get special attention. Why? Not only is it used to highlight your architectural details, but this is also the most effective way of creating the house atmosphere. Accordingly, for those of you who are interested in giving a more welcoming and warmer look to the house, these exterior paint color options should be counted.

Warm Green 

The warm green scheme helps you draw a sense of freshness and relaxation. So, every time your guests roll up to the house, they will catch the feeling of welcoming and warmth. What’s more, this exterior color choice is easy to collaborate with muted hues like gray or white.

Green color gives a natural impression and freshness to the exterior paint color of your home. You can apply white color to the window frames and pillars to perfect your exterior home design.

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To create harmony with your outdoor environment, paint the exterior of your house in a warm green combined with white color on the window frames. The color looks calm and unobtrusive.

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Deep Blue

Deep blue is a perfect choice for the beach-house theme, which unquestionably has a strong, welcoming impression. Besides, the shade of deep blue is also applicable as a secondary exterior house color option, of which you can apply it only to the trims or window frames.

Dark blue that is applied for the exterior paint of the house can make your house not look too flashy and excessive. To get a matching look and can make the house looks stand out, pair the deep blue color with white for the window frames and handrail of the stair.

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Applying blue to a farmhouse outdoor design is a great idea to give it a relaxed feel and look fresh. Combined it with white color for the window frames to strengthen the freshness and for an interesting blend.

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Mustard Yellow

If bright yellow looks too much for your house exterior, a deeper one could be a great option. Most of all, mustard yellow is one of the popular exterior paint colors that can bring the touch of warmth and calmness. For making the most of your mustard yellow exterior color, consolidate it with an earthy tone like brown.

For the calmness and warmth exterior design but looks inviting, you can apply a mustard yellow paint for the wall. This is one of the kinds the earth tone color, so that pair it with white color for the window frames, pole, and railing and completed with a wooden floor makes your home looks beautiful.

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Apply mustard yellow as the main color in your exterior design then you will see how this color can make your home looks elegant and more inviting.

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The classic effects of brown do not make it look outdated or boring. Brown and white collaboration, for example, can actually provide a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere on your house exterior. In addition, the brown color scheme also tends to be easily incorporated with the green surroundings.

In order for your home design to look dim, choose a brown color for the exterior design of your home. To avoid a boring feel, you can combine it with white color for the window and door frames, poles, and handrail of the stairs.

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The brown color doesn’t make it look outdated or boring. Try pairing it with bright, neutral colors like white on window frames and it can change the look of your house peaceful and also beautiful.

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Brick Red

Brick red is an epitome of farmhouse style, which can bring a warm touch to your house exterior look. This brownish-red tone can also pair with neutral colors, like light gray or white, to evoke a classical feeling for the house exterior design.

Brick red walls can create a dazzling classic impression of your home exterior design ideas. To strengthen that style, combine it with gray and white to the windows or doors for an interesting combination.
The combination of brick walls with gray and white on the window frames is the best choice that you can try. This method will give a classic look to the exterior design of your home.

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Consider trying the exterior paint colors above to show off your architectural design and also bring a more welcoming impression into it!


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