10 Space-Saving Storage Ideas for Your Small Bedroom

If your bedroom has a tight space, performing the correct storage plan is much needed. However, your storage organization should not be overdone or even lacking. There must be a balance in it so that you can make the bedroom seem more clutter-free and neater. Thus, head over to the following storage ideas and get all the hacks you need.

Purchase a Captain’s Bed for Long-Term Investment

The bed takes up most of the space in our sleeping room. So, it would be a brilliant idea to get a captain’s bed, which can provide built-in storage underneath. This type of bed is quite pricey for sure, but it would be a good, long-term investment for your petite bedroom.

You can buy a bed with a built-in drawer underneath. This will add extra storage to the bedroom so that it looks more minimalist and tidy.

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Storage under the bed in the form of the drawers will make it easier for you to tidy up your bedroom. You can use this drawer as a minimalist storagebut very useful to avoid clutter look. .

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Use a Wire Clothes Rack to Hang Your Outfits

Aside from the bed, your wardrobe will be another bulky stuff to manage. Then get a wire clothing rack to arrange your regularly-used outfits. However, take note that this storage option will work only for those who do not have tons of clothes.

To make the clothes neatly arranged, using a wire clothes rack is the best solution that you can try. In addition, this wire rack will also be durable and sturdy.
For the simple wardrobe storage idea, use a wire rack and install it to the wall. Place at the corner of the room and it will save space and also can make your small bedroom more organized.

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Create the Illusion of Large Space by Placing a Mirrored Wardrobe

For those seeking some storage ideas of the bedroom, this option should be considered. A mirrored wardrobe can improve your bedroom appearance by creating a great visual illusion. Surely, its space-enhancing effect can make your bedroom feel more spacious.

Use the right furniture in your small bedroom to provide benefits that can create the illusion of a space that is much wider than it really is. In this case, a mirrored wardrobe is suitable to make it happen.
If you choose the wardrobe that has a large mirror, it will give you some benefits. Besides being able to store the tons of your clothes, the mirrored wardrobe can illuminate your small bedroom looks larger.

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Install a Floating Shelf in the Vanity to Provide More Storage Option

Not only functional, but this bedroom storage option can also help to accentuate your wall. You can store all your accessories items there, or even hanging your most-worn jewelry on it. Most of all, it is not bulky. 

Installing the floating shelf for the vanity in your bedroom can provide more storage option in your small bedroom. This floating shelf also can save space and make your small bedroom looks clean and neat.

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A mirror equipped with a floating shelf provides a more interesting sketch, use the shelf as a storage place for the make up you use often.

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Maximize the Space Above Your Headboard by Placing Floating Racks 

The area above your headboard could be another your storage opportunity. Thus, place some floating racks there. Then use the racks to showcase your favorite books or place some decorative indoor plants. 

Small bedroom decor with a floating shelf headboard can be an impressive decorative item. Attach it to the wall horizontally to save space in your bedroom.
You can utilize the space above your headboard by installing floating shelves to showcase your selected wall gallery collection. With this idea, you can create the perfect decoration in your small bedroom.

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Got some great inspiration? Then get started with the storage ideas above to enhance your small bedroom appearance!


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