Improve Passengers Experience by Redesigning Airport Terminal for Maximum Security and Extravagance

Airports are a hub of activity and their design and construction require many elements and sophisticated infrastructure. These are designed to offer passengers safe and seamless travel experiences. Every section of the design and construction must be thought out to include counters for airlines, security areas and passport control, restaurants, VIP lounges, restrooms, and shopping facilities. 

The design of the buildings and surrounding areas also need to accommodate other essential services provided by airports. These include cargo, transportation networks, parking, and centers for car rentals. 

Smart parking management

Traffic volumes at airports are usually high, and their parking areas have a high-profit margin. Parking areas at airports are often the first and last visiting point for most passengers. If they have a bad experience, especially as they are rushing to catch a flight, it reflects badly on the airport, especially if a flight is missed. 

Customer loyalty is impacted by a bad experience, and many busy airports now have competition from off-airport parking areas. These offer cheaper day rates and shuttle buses to the airport and back. They also offer valet services and car washing. 

There are smart parking upgrades that airports can make to increase their occupancy. These include tracking of real-time space availability, making it easier for passengers to find an available and convenient parking space in a short span of time. 

These increase passenger satisfaction, grow revenues for airports, and help reduce CO2 emissions from cars driving aimlessly around. These clever systems can also ensure people do not overstay on drop off zones.  

Some airports have even taken special precautions because of COVID-19 and have removed booths and toll staff. Cloud hosting has helped them reduce costs, and the staff can be deployed to other areas. 

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Exciting activities to keep clients engaged and entertained

Many air travelers now take longer routes to their destination because of better prices. This means they often have stopovers at airports with quite a few hours until their connecting flight leaves. 

Also, for security reasons passengers now arrive hours before their flight is due to leave. Airport designs are changing to include entertainment for the long hours spent there.

Even though some people like to move around and prefer to shop or attend a yoga class, others look for beauty treatments, spas, and meditation rooms. 

Entertainment areas where fun and games are offered can keep the teens and children busy and be enticed with play and win games. Play areas can also be provided where kids can safely play and be entertained with magic shows. 

Digital entertainment is an area airports are focusing seriously on and they entertain passengers by showing them movies, targeted content, destination reviews, and travel guides from their own devices.
These are the types of perks that relieve travelers from a stressful experience and allow them to relax, as they wait for their flight. 

Staff courtesy can offer travelers a smooth and easy experience

For most travelers, it feels as if only business and first-class travelers are getting a satisfactory experience. This may or may not be true, but travelers feel like they are getting inconsistent services from their overall traveling experience. 

This can be avoided with better staff training in all areas of airports because it’s not just the in-flight experience that counts. The journey of the client begins before they even arrive at the airport. 

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Airport staff training is the best way to ensure that a client gets the ultimate experience at every stage of their journey. Travelers don’t want to waste their time trying to track a responsible employee when something goes wrong. 

Passengers don’t only need to be entertained. Some want all the frills, and others don’t demand a lot, but everyone needs to have a choice and to be treated with respect. 

Laminated glass lets the airport reflect the city it is situated in

Holistically designed airports take all the structures required for a well-functioning airport into consideration. There are challenges to building an airport because all their infrastructure needs to be interconnected and to function smoothly. 

Design professionals consider many aspects when designing an airport, and these are not just for the benefit of the stakeholders, but also the passengers. 

Laminated glass is often combined with other local building materials to help create an infrastructure of aviation services that immediately gets a regional identity. 

Some of the most stunning modern airports globally have included several outstanding elements. This includes unique shopping and culinary experiences and references to local design elements that include architectural and historical perspectives. 

Others have created areas where local artwork is displayed, or they have incorporated the artwork into the airport design. San Diego Airport is a fine example. 

Cleverly incorporating all these different elements, most modern airports are using laminated glass throughout their interiors. This allows each area to be partitioned, but without stifling the space with drywalling, which takes away from the flow of the design. 

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Each city has its own regional beauty and ambiance. The laminated glass allows airports to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors in. As passengers wait to board, they can watch flights or enjoy the scenery as they relax before a flight. 

Airports are always bustling with people and laminated glass provides maximum security because even if it is accidentally knocked by a heavy suitcase it won’t shatter. Airports are also noisy. The massive sound wave vibrations emitted by aircraft as they land and take-off would shatter ordinary glass, something laminated glass can withstand. 

As new airports are built and older ones modernized, technology is playing a major role in how they are becoming safer and more sustainable. They continue to employ new technologies that help meet many design challenges and continue to offer passengers better experiences all the time. 

At Fab Glass and Mirror, you can purchase laminated glass in custom cut sizes for any building design projects that require strong glass that won’t shatter. These are UV resistant and offer an effective sound barrier that drastically reduces noise. 

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