Creative Office Design Ideas from Real Agency Offices

Agency office has some of the most creative office design ideas. You can learn one or two things from agency companies around the world to create creative office designs. From clean and smart to colorful and stimulating, here are five ideas you can copy from agency offices in various countries.

1. Fresh, Innovative, Sustainable (JWT)

The Paris office of JWT Agency boasts unique interior designs that feature sustainability. One of the most unique features is the meeting room, which was constructed with recycled paper. The rough exterior makes the meeting room look eye-catching. The interior also showcases winding green pathways, unique sculpted benches, and plants here and there.

Using the winding green lines will present a distinctive Paris Office of JWT Agency appearance. You can build a meeting room out of recycled paper so that it will look unique.
If you want to design a JWT-style office, combining white and green shades is the right choice. White broken stools and green walkways will give you a fresh look.

Image Source

2. Colorful, Artsy, Creative (BGB Group)

The Broadway office of BGB Group in New York features colorful and artsy interior. Each space showcases clashing bold colors in murals, abstract paintings, and close-up photographs. Some rooms have digital illustrations of famous figures in creative industries, including a brightly colored image of Will Smith’s character from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. However, instead of looking childish, the design is meant to spark creativity.

Choosing a colorful nuance for your meeting room decoration which is inspired by the BGB group office will look bright and can inspire the spirit of work.
To present a BGB group office style, using a colorful design is the right idea. You can add abstract paintings on the walls of your lobby so that it will look attractive and beautiful.

Images Source

3. Seamless, Open, Natural (The Beyond Collective)

The Beyond Collective in the UK emphasizes on “collaboration” as the theme of its office design, which reflects the company’s fields. The office design is open and seamless, with open concept, large glass panels, spacious meeting rooms, and numerous collaboration spots. The furniture and lighting fixtures have modern minimalist designs, with mini gardens inside and outside the office.

An open office design that has many sports is the right choice if you want to decorate your office based on the beyond collective. You can equip it with minimalist furniture so it looks perfect.

Image Source

Using glass panels as a room divider will present a clean and classy room appearance based on the beyond collective office.

Image Source

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4. Creative Industrial Theme (Master and So What)

Master and So What are different agency offices that share the same workspace in Curitiba, Brazil. The office showcases an industrial design with 3D wireframes as the main decorative features. The monochromatic theme is broken by brightly colored floor and indoor plants.

You can use 3D wireframes to decorate your office so that it will bring out the perfect Master and So What style. Using white shades will make your office spacious and open.

Image Source

Building an indoor garden is one of the right ideas for an office design inspired by Master and So What so that it will present the perfect freshness.

Image Source

5. Contrasting Contemporary Design (Elephant Parade)

Elephant Parade is a communication agency in Beijing with unique office design. It blends modern and natural elements with contrasting styles. Most of the interior features modern, seamless, and clean interior, with mixes of materials. However, the hallway features a giant contemporary bamboo structure.

Elephant-Parade office design with modern and natural interior in contrasting style looks attractive. You can use wooden benches to complement your lobby so it will look perfect.

Image Source

Try using bamboo for hallway decoration in your office, it will present a unique look inspired by the elephant parade office.

Image Source

Need an idea boost for making a creative office design? Get your inspiration from these amazing agency office designs to unleash your creativity.

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