10 Utilize Your Apartment Balcony to be Your Lounge Spot with these Designs

Enjoying the sunset on the apartment balcony is a beautiful moment. Especially if accompanied by a beloved person. It will be a very memorable romantic moment there. In addition, you can do many activities in this balcony such as read novels, play gadgets, eat or listen to music there. For that, besides doing an apartment living room decor or apartment kitchen decor, this is the right time for you to do an apartment balcony decoration.

Decorating an apartment balcony has its own challenges. Especially if you only have a small balcony in the apartment. Because the balcony is also used for relaxing, then you have to decorate the balcony to be the best lounge spot in your apartment. Besides paying attention to the comfort of the balcony, you should also pay attention to the aesthetics or beauty there. For that, we present several apartment balcony designs that you can copy to be applied on the apartment balcony that you have. Look at the pictures below!

Create a cozy apartment balcony by placing a small dining table set complete with pillows, blankets, and carpets. Don’t forget to put some pretty plants, lamps, and candles to sweeten it.
You can place two chairs and complete them with a table as a place to relax while enjoying a meal on the apartment balcony. Add string lights and some plants for an eye-catching impression.
This is a very comfortable balcony with several chairs, cushions, feather blankets, candles and carpet. It looks very comfortable, beautiful and also warm.
You can have a warm relaxing place on the balcony by decorating it. You can place chairs, table cushions, blankets, string lamps, and greenery for interesting decorations.
Decorate the balcony of a small apartment by placing chairs and tables, plus accessories, plants and lantern candles to sweeten the balcony that looks so amazing.
Create a romantic atmosphere on the apartment balcony. You can place a soft sofa that is equipped with a table, blankets, pillows, carpets, and wall lamps that make the atmosphere even warmer.
Don’t let the small balcony of your apartment be unused, you can use it as the best place to relax by decorating it with chairs complete with pillows, plants, and decorative candles.

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Create a warm atmosphere on the balcony by placing comfortable chairs complete with pillows. The presence of some green plants will provide fresh air while on your balcony.
Enjoy your meal on the balcony by adding a mini dining table set. This method will give you a sophisticated look and you can enjoy the night on your balcony.
The addition of rattan chairs and tables can make your apartment balcony more comfortable. Add greenery and flowers to create fresh air on your balcony.

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To create the best lounge spot on the apartment balcony, you must concern about several things. Including looking for a comfortable chair or sofa, placing a soft carpet to give you comfort, don’t forget to put the right lighting, and also add pretty accessories or ornaments there. These accessories include pillows, blankets, plants, flowers, or also wall decor. Actually, it would be better if before you decorate the balcony, you have determined the concept or theme of this balcony decoration. Because it will make it easier for you to decorate the apartment balcony.

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So, for those of you who live in apartments, decorating a balcony is something you should do. Don’t leave the apartment balcony don’t use maximally. That’s because you can use it as a cool and amazing lounge spot. You can imagine when you have a comfortable balcony, and then you sit and read a novel there. Then, added with the presence of warm tea and sweet cookies. It will be the most comfortable and most beautiful place in the apartment you have.


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