15 Effective RV Folding Furniture for Space Saving Ideas

Will you plan to go traveling or weekend day-out with family? It sounds a good idea then if you go with an RV. It is like a house on the wheels which has a house-like atmosphere. Moreover, you can conjure up your RV as a cozy house with a well-managed space and great furniture. As we all know that an RV has a minimal space that we should manage to put the furniture. Then, the key is that you must be clever to choose the appropriate furniture.

Consider folding furniture to your RV. Absolutely, they will save your RV space as much as possible. Because they can be folded back after using, they will guarantee you a space-saving model. As well as, there is some folding furniture which plays as multi-functional furniture. Now, check this gallery to get inspiring ideas of folding furniture for proper RV decor. We are sure they will help you in managing your RV space. Check these examples out!

RV decor certainly has limited space. Therefore you can use smart types of furniture that don’t use a lot of floor space. For example, you can choose and use a folding murphy bed against the RV wall with a layout that is high enough so that the bottom of the bedding can be used as an area to put something else that you have. To be able to climb on top of this bedding you only need an iron ladder that can be leaned against a sturdy wooden bed. Here you can relax while enjoying your trip all day long. Folding RV Murphy Bed Mattress from @qrvinsurance

Another smart piece of furniture that you can use in RV decoration is a folding coffee table that you can apply to the side of the RV, complete with built-in chairs that can be placed face to face. You can use it together with your partner so that it is more romantic and of course you will never fail to try it. Currently you can use a coffee table with teak wood so that it has a smoother surface and of course it is not easily porous when used for quite a long time. A small rug with a geometric pattern can be placed right under the coffee table you are using. Save Space DIY Coffee Table from @qrvinsurance

In this part of the RV garage, you can use it more optimally so that it can be used as a useful area. For example, you can install a pull-out dining table complete with a bench with a height that can be adjusted to the use of this dining table. In this way, you can enjoy food outdoors with a beautiful view. Cover this pull-out table and bench section with a tablecloth and cushions that have a striped pattern with splashes of blue and white that will blend in perfectly. Pull-out RV Dining Table Design from @qrvinsurance

Because RV decorations have a fairly limited size, you can use the right and appropriate furniture. For example, you can choose and use a DIY wooden dining table that can be folded when you’re done using it. Just perfect the existence of this folding dining table with two benches that can be placed facing each other so that they can be used better and optimally. The spider ornament that is applied to the RV wall presents an instant Halloween style, you can try it right now to make it more practical and efficient. DIY Wooden Folding Dining Table from @qrvinsurance

Not only in the RV, but you can also take advantage of the RV terrace as a relaxing area that can be used together with friends or family who join your trip. For now the recommended furniture for use is folding chairs and tables so that they can be put back in the RV after they are finished using them. You can cover the dining table with a neutral colored tablecloth like white for a more elegant and neat look. Additional outdoor lighting is also really needed to be tried, now you can combine candle lighting with string bulb lamps. RV Folding Outdoor Furniture from @qrvinsurance

The dark wood material that is converted into a folding dining table is suitable for decorating your RV. What you can do now is combine it with two chairs and a layer of rug with a choice of dark colors too. Don’t forget that this dining table doesn’t look too plain, so you can enhance it with some modern ornaments that can be arranged neatly or can also be used as a centerpiece decoration for your dining table. Place the chairs facing each other so that two people can use them at the same time. Folding Black Wooden Dining Table from @nolonger_nomads

This industrial side table with a mix of two different materials would work well in a living room RV decor. You can combine iron and wood in this side table design to instantly present a touch of an industrial theme. Apart from having a sleek appearance, this furniture also doesn’t use a lot of floor area and can also be folded to save more floor area in this room. Combine directly with a leather sofa and a woven basket that can be used as a storage area for some of your small items so that they look tidier. Industrial Style Side Table Design from @lovethatrv

Take a look at this pull-out table design under the bed, this will be an RV furniture that you can choose for a look that looks as attractive as possible. This part of the RV is not only used as a desk, but also to spend quality family time and occasionally have lunch together. The size is wide enough so it makes sense to have this multifunctional furniture. When finished using it, you can push it back inward to save more space. Folding Wooden RV Desk from @qrvinsurance

Leather butterfly chairs offer a minimalist and very affordable RV furniture design. If your RV is small, this simple piece of furniture is just for you. All you have to do is unfold it whenever you want and then fold it back after use. This way, they won’t be taking up space in your RV all the time. Combine with a leather mini ottoman to be used as a desk area or an area to relax your feet. Maybe two leather butterfly chairs are enough to be used with your partner. Leather Butterfly Chair Cover from @qrvinsurance

The strong and sturdy steel frame is specially designed to withstand rugged use during outdoor travel. You might be able to try this material on the use of shade in your RV area. What you can try right now is to apply it to the laundry room so you can wash it safely and of course avoid the sun’s rays. Or in this shed area you can also take shelter by installing rugs and adding folding chairs for a relaxing area with your partner. Shade RV Laundry Room from @qrvinsurance

Of course the kitchen area is also an RV decoration that is often used. So from that you can decorate it to the fullest and perfect. Just choose and use furniture as minimally as possible to save RV space at this time. When you use a kitchen cabinet, choose a design that is equipped with a stove and sink area. It’s not enough to get here, you can also choose a folding rack on the ceiling of the RV which is also equipped with a hook so it will have more functions, isn’t it easy enough to apply to your RV decoration? Yes, just try it easy and cheap. Folding Open Space Rack from @qrvinsurance

In the living room area of this RV you can rest while enjoying your trip all day long. Prepare some of the main furniture that can be used properly and optimally. For example, you can use a leather sofa which is equipped with built-in relaxing legs that can be folded inwards when finished using. The choice of this sofa is perfect because it has a softer surface and you can complement it with some throw pillows on top. This relaxing leg will make you feel more comfortable, calm and relaxed. Built-in Relaxing Leg Ideas from @qrvinsurance

Folding furniture that is applied to the outdoor part of the RV can be used as a relaxing area with fresh air or a gentle breeze that makes you feel more relaxed and at ease. The selection of earth tone color outdoor furniture presents an instant bohemian theme. You can also cover the surface of the grass with a rug that has a beautiful and elegant pattern. Two butterfly chairs combined with this folding coffee table can be used together with your family. Some of the green plants that decorate this area add color instantly in a fairly natural way. Folding RV Terrace Furniture from @qrvinsurance

Take a look at the design of the pull-out table in the luggage area of this RV. Its existence will be more multifunctional because it can be used as a stove storage area or something else according to your needs. You can push it back into the RV when it’s finished using it, isn’t it more practical and efficient? Yes, you can have it easily and maximally. Repaint the pull-out table with white paint for a more elegant look that will never fail to try. Stop for a moment when you are going to do cooking activities. Multifunctional Pull-out RV Table from @qrvinsurance

There’s nothing wrong with using a folding dining table in a modern style in decorating your RV. What you can do right now is combine it with several sitting areas made of linen with a neutral color choice. The design of this folding table is designed to save more space in the RV area, therefore choosing it as one of the furniture is a smart idea that you can emulate. So that the surface of this table is not too boring, then you can put a mini tray that can be filled with a candle pillar as lighting and a mini series of fresh evergreens. Modern Style Folding Coffee Table from @dethleffs_official

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It is fun to do traveling with an RV. There is some space-saving furniture in terms of the folding ones to complete your traveling. For example, you can have a foldable table which can be both a dining table and desk. Made of wooden, this kind of furniture offers you a stylish look and practical item. Furthermore, you can opt for a folding sofa for your RV cozy corner. It can play as a seating and sleeping area.

For your bedroom, you can also opt some folding furniture. As a focal point, a folding bed frame seems to be the best choice to maximize minimal space. This furniture features a foldable bed with storage inside. This is unique since when you fold it up, you will get free space as stuff storage and working area. Isn’t it practical and functional? Well, those are some examples that we can present. For further examples and folding furniture ideas of your RV, just recheck the gallery.

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