Having a Peaceful Balcony Atmosphere with these 10 Greenery Ideas

There are several reasons why balconies need a touch of greenery in it. Perhaps many already know the reason, but they have unwilling to start doing it. Now you must not be quite. Begin to give a touch of greening to get cool, peaceful, and extra comfort. For a green decoration, you don’t need to worry about the spacious balcony. Is that a small balcony, or a large balcony. You can still do this one. The trick is, adjust the size of the plant with a broad balcony. So the balcony will be a place full of comfort.

Applying greenery ideas on a balcony would be easier if done for a large balcony. So you can plant anything there. Vegetable plants, various types of flowers, or herbal plants. Planting various kinds of flowers might look really great. Especially with the addition of a beautiful pot. Both will be very supportive. Potted plants tend to display neat and organized balconies. Now we are facilitated by a variety of pot sizes and diverse pot material. Of course, you don’t need to worry anymore about it.

Let some flowers bloom and greenery grow in the painted clay pot. Then you can add some pots from cans and used wood for a vintage impression on your balcony.
Present a pleasant nature concept with a variety of green plants. Some cactus plants with clay pots of various sizes seem to blend into nature.
Apply some large greenery to give your peaceful balcony some fresh air. Use large clay and ceramic pots to decorate your balcony and get a neat look.
Green plants are one type of plant that is suitable to be placed on the balcony of your apartment. This method will serve as a shade or also to create fresh air.
Surround your balcony by placing some potted plants will create a freshness and comfortable nuance. In this case, you can choose some flowers or green plants to decorate your balcony. For easy maintenance, you can choose green plants.
Add a wooden planter stand that will allow you to plant more flowers. In addition to using clay pots, add ceramic pots and hanging pots to your fence.

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Don’t lose the opportunity to beautify your apartment balcony garden by arranging pots of various types and sizes on wooden shelves. This method will display an interesting decoration.
The size of the pot is large enough to allow you to plant more than one plant. For example a combination of flowers and lavender.
Place the plants in clay pots lined up so that the balcony railing looks neater. Add some flowers for an eye-catching look.
Use a different pot for each type of plant. To save your budget, you can use unused galvanized metal buckets and get a vintage look.

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There are several types of balcony sizes. Spacious and narrow balcony. It is this type of size that distinguishes how to decorate it. If you have a small balcony, you should consider a number of small greenery. In addition, colors are denser or less dense. You can also use the help of some functional furniture. Among shelves, hanging pots, or cabinets. Not only that, but the presence of furniture with similar colors will also be very supportive. For example, you can add furniture in green for a table, chair, or pillow.

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Making a garden balcony has many benefits. Not only for yourself but also for the environment. As we know, plants have many benefits for the environment. One of them is to fight pollution. Then, it helps produce a lot of oxygen. So with the idea of greenery, the balcony is not only beautiful but very useful. The natural colors of green plants are calming natural colors. You do not need to worry about the beauty of the balcony which has a touch of greenery more. You will always find a balcony that is peaceful, and very cozy.


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