10 Storage Solutions for Your Kid-Friendly Living Room

As wide as any children’s playroom, there are times when they can play there. And what happened was they ran into the guest room and spent time playing there. As a result, with them playing there, the living room is a mess and looks chaotic. Understand how difficult you are when clearing, and returning to all. We have an idea to build a storage space as a solution for what mothers experience. Feel how tired you are in arranging the space, and collecting all your child’s toys. You don’t need to worry and worry about all that. Because everything must have a solution. To create a living room that remains beautiful and homey.

Previously, you would have chosen a kid-friendly living room design. Where all the furniture is safe and affordable. But not yet with children’s toy storage. Now is the time for you to train them to do it themselves. The trick is to build storage that inspires many people. We have prepared some kids-friendly storage. Starting from adding a basket or holding some wooden storage boxes. With additional storage, this is the best way to overcome the chaos that often occurs in your guest room.

A ladder rack with a basket would make a perfect storage area in the kid-friendly living room. You can use it to store toys so they look tidier.
Giving space in the corner of your living room will allow your children to play there. You can place the basket in the corner for a simple and practical storage idea.

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Wall shelves will not take up much space in your living room so your living room is kid-friendly and still looks organized.

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Placing open shelves behind the sofa for storage ideas in your kid friendly living room is a great idea. So that you will have space in front of the sofa for children to play.

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Having a spacious living room corner is an advantage. You can easily build play areas, study, and add storage shelves.

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A coffee table with drawers will be the right storage in your kid friendly living room. So you can leave a corner space as your child’s play area.

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Choose to use floor cabinets for practical storage ideas in your living room. You can place it on the wall so that it leaves space in the middle for the child’s play area.

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Installing a wall shelf to place your children’s book collection will bring a kid-friendly look to your living room. A table with storage underneath makes for practical and kid-friendly storage. You can add rattan baskets to keep it neat.

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To get a kid-friendly living room design, you can use the storage at the corner. A shelf with a basket will make a practical and neat place for storage.

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Scandinavian living room with a storage cabinet in the corner will present a perfect kid-friendly look. So you can keep some of your children’s toys there and it will look organized.

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You do not need to worry about the limitations of the living room because of the additional storage. Everything can still be well organized. Use one side of your room to add storage space. For example, by using one of the walls as a media or a place to put storage. You can also put a bookshelf on one side of the living room wall with various innovations and creations. So they will easily get information. Next, design the storage very neatly. Lots of storage models that you can emulate. Starting from the arrangement of the shelves, designs, or attractive colors.

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To build good storage you still have to pay attention to the design and color that suits their world. What motives they like, bright colors they like, to the easy shape. For example, like a square, circle, rectangle, or build space like a cube. Aside from being a storage medium, these objects also have a good educational side. They will learn by themselves about design and shape. Make attractive designs and colors. Then direct them to always use the filling to store all their equipment.

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