Your Bedroom Needs a Mirror! Here are 10 Minimalist Mirror Ideas

A mirror is a helper for grooming. However, applying the minimalist mirror ideas in your bedrooms can give an incredible spark. It can change the way you look at your room. The mirror ideas give you a more spacious nuance.

Either you make it on your own or get it from the nearest warehouse, the minimalist mirror ideas worth space in the room. Let’s see how can this small thing give you a significant change.

1. Mirror with Distressed Frame

In 2020 and maybe still in years ahead, the vintage touch is always at the top of urban people’s favorite list. A distressed frame is one of the elements that you may pick to give a vintage nuance without being too much.

The distressed frame can contain a mirror, and it brings enough glam you need in the bedroom. The mirror in the distressed frame might be a bedside attraction, and you can directly groom after you wake up. It feels so great to imagine.

If you want a more vintage touch, you can use a mirror with a distressed frame. Besides being able to give a vintage touch, this mirror can also reflect light into your room so that it can make your room brighter.

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To get a room with amazing decoration, you can add a mirror with a distressed wooden frame. By using this frame, your room will have a vintage nuance.
To get a vintage impression in your bedroom, you can add a mirror frame with a distressed look. To give it an attractive appearance, you can hang it above your headboard using chains.

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2. Small, Hanging Mirror

A square and round mirror is a great thing in many levels of minimalist mirror ideas. You can make it more playful by hanging it in the wall next to the picture, headboard, or wooden wall decor. We suggest you pick the frame that represents the theme of your bedroom so that it can be functioned not only as a tool for grooming but also as a great statement.

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For a minimalist bedroom, a frame with a soft and modern edge is a wise option. It fills the space but not too stuffy.

To hang the mirror, you can opt for the rope that works in any bedroom theme.

To get a minimalist design in your bedroom, you can use a wall decoration with square and round mirrors hanging on the wall. Install it on the wall near the headboard to get a beautiful look.

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3. A Touch of Round Shape

You can break those all rectangular decorations with this piece. The round shape adds a variety in any bedroom theme’s decoration idea. You can let it frameless or use the whimsical frame to create a glam.

The round mirror is the great center of attention, and you do not need a larger space in your bedroom to put that.

Minimalist bedroom that uses a round mirror and hangs on one side of the wall can create a simple look but looks aesthetic.

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Using a round mirror with a metal frame that will be installed in the bedroom will make your space look elegant. To be more interesting, put a mirror above the headboard for the focal interest in your room.
A round bedroom mirror mounted above the headboard is a unique idea. This mirror is perfect for complementing your minimalist bedroom decor.

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A round mirror with a metal frame that is used to decorate the bedroom will make your bedroom look more elegant and beautiful.

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It’s a good idea to place a mirror on the wall above the head of the bed. The frameless design of the mirror can create simplicity.

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Interesting ideas in the bedroom by installing a round mirror on the bedroom wall. Using a golden and simple frame can make your bedroom look glamorous and beautiful.

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Let’s mount them in your bedroom, and you will be so amazed by how the minimalist mirror ideas can successfully make a statement.

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