10 Basic Exterior Design Ideas that You Should Apply for Your Occupancy

When you are entering your house area then you realize that you need something new or something to make your house looks fresh then something inside your head directs you to have redecoration to your exterior first. Then, you start to make a plan like desirable design, a fit color which referring to its design, furniture, and the most important aspect to be well-planned is about budget compatibility. Actually, those are just simple mention of what are things to be planned well. Confused? We would enlighten you with 10 basics exterior ideas to help you redecorating your house’s outer look.

Front Home Paint Color

In decorating the exterior of your house, you can start to decide the right paint for your house. It can be started by adjusting the style of your house and your taste. There several colors that can be applied for exterior home paint. Such as green, yellow, blue, brown, and so on. In each color has a different effect on the house look. Green can look natural, yellow brings a cheerful and warm vibe, blue can make a fresh look, and brown can bring a classic look. You can pick one that suitable for your style.

Painting the walls of the house in yellow color is the right idea to get your exterior design so that it will make it look brighter and fresher.
Applying white teak walls to the front wall of your house will present a clean look. You can combine it with a touch of green so it looks even more beautiful.

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Porch Decoration

To make your exterior home design look more interesting and inviting, you have to decorate your porch in a cozy way. In this case, you can place a comfortable seating area on your porch. In choosing the seating furniture, it’s all depends on your style and need. Complete it with a rug and greenery for more comfortable and also fresh. Sometimes, you can install a swing on your porch to look more attractive.

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You can complement your porch with swing bed and chairs so that it will provide comfort in your porch and make your exterior design more complete.

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Using bed swings for your porch decorating ideas is an interesting idea. Adding string lights to your exterior decoration ideas will present a more beautiful appearance.

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Front Yard Garden Planter

Don’t let your front yard not to be utilized without decoration. Related to that, you can create a garden in your front yard. For the neat look, planting your plants on the planter is a good idea. You can use any kind of planter, such as a wooden planter or even you can use your unused items for the planter to get a vintage and beautiful look.

Planting wooden boxes will present a natural rustic look to your front yard garden. You can paint it gray so it looks more neutral.

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To get creative front yard decorations you can use bicycle planting. Complete it with a basket to place the plants so that they look more perfect.

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Front Fence

Completing your exterior home design with a front fence is a good idea. The fence, besides being able to bring privacy for your home, it is also can enhance your home look. Your home will be more interesting and inviting. There are many kind styles and materials that can be applied for the front fence. From classic to the modern style and from wood to the iron materials.

Choosing to use a front fence made of wood is an interesting idea. You can paint it yellow so it will look fresher and brighter.

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The exterior decoration using the front fence made of wood looks simple but still elegant. You can paint it white so it will look bright and clean.

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Front Hedge

If you are interested in the natural ambiance for your exterior home design, you can surround your home with some greenery and plants. Even, you can use these plants for the front hedge. Refers to this idea, you can plant some shrub and bush plants and shape them with the unique shape and it can enhance your home look.

Front hedge is one smart alternative for you to design your front page. Fences made of these plants will make your home look more fertile.

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Complementing your exterior design with a Front Hedge is an interesting idea. Green plants with white flowers will present a very beautiful appearance on your front yard.

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Having a beautiful exterior home design is a good thing to make your home more inviting and interesting. Because it can be the first sight when people see your house. By following those ideas above, hopefully, it can help you to get a beautiful exterior home design.

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