10 Big Mirror Ideas with Industrial Vibes

Tie the look of the rooms in the industrial vibes is an excellent option to present arty modernity into your house. The industrial style comes with the stuff that you consider come from the old factories. Instead of bringing the dull look, it emphasizes a liveliness in your house. And you can start the industrial nuance with the big mirror.

A big mirror refers to the classical concept, but when you do it the right way, it can also bring you the industrial sensation that most modern people love. Here are how you can bring the charms.

1. Antique Mirror Bar

Remember the concept of the chocolate bar? A regular rectangular shape is divided into some parts. The idea works the same, where the antique and aged mirror is divided into smaller and still rectangular parts using the thin brass edge.

The brass frame is the most simple step to take to present the industrial nuance, and even when you think the action is too dull, it works so well! You can place it in the living room or even in the bathroom!

The use of an antique mirror bar with a rectangular frame attached to the bathroom wall will give a charming industrial touch so that it looks even more charming.
To give your bathroom an industrial feel, adding an antique bar mirror to the shower wall will make it look aesthetic and more attractive.
An antique mirror bar attached to the wall is one simple way to give your room an industrial impression. The bare look of the mirror will make your home looks aesthetic. To add dramatic look, install a luxurious chandelier on the ceiling.
Bring an industrial vibe by applying an antique mirror bar to make it look more perfect. The metal frame of the mirror will present a dazzling industrial feel. Even though the look is dull but this is an aesthetic home decor ever.

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2. PVC and Iron Mirror Frame

You won’t imagine that PVC could go so far, and now it becomes the eclectic big mirror frame. Cut the PVC into thinner and smaller parts and stack them in random order. You can make it into a round frame, and a rose petal-looks frame, it is all your call!

If you can’t find the PVC around your home, you can use iron material for the mirror frame. Iron is always suitable to bring an industrial vibe to your home.

Choosing a mirror with an iron frame is one way to bring an industrial touch to your bathroom to make it more perfect.

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Iron has always been a staple in industrial home designs. Using it for the mirror frame to complement your industrial bathroom decor. Complete it with exposing pipes for the lighting fixtures to strengthen the industrial nuance.
Using a round mirror with an iron frame is a great idea to decorate your bathroom to give it a simple industrial touch. To make it more perfect, applying a brick wall on one side of the bathroom wall will emphasize the industrial nuance.

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3. The Natural Distressed Wood Mirror

The distressed wood doesn’t only successfully bring the rustic Barnwood nuance. It also works in making an industrial vibe, and is affordable! You can get the distressed wood frame quickly in the hardware store, or you can just cut the logs yourself and make the distressed frame less than one day.

After you own a distressed frame, the thing you must do is to stick the mirror. It is that easy, no need to paint because the industrial theme is signed with less-color and bolder look. However, the ending is for you to decide. If you love to have a darker nuance, you can pick the black, dark gold, or brown paint.

The distressed wood mirror will bring the perfect natural feel and industrial vibe in an easy way in your bathroom. It will create an aesthetic decoration in a simple way.

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Try using a mirror with a distressed wooden frame for your bathroom decorating ideas so that it will give you a double benefit. Besides presenting a rural feel, it will also provide an industrial vibe.

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The simple and on a budget idea to bring an industrial touch to your home is using the mirror with distressed wood. The dull look of the frame will make the industrial decoration more perfect. You can place the mirror in the bathroom and combine it with cement sinks to look harmonious.

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The big mirror sometimes looks dull and can intimidate. But that depends on the way you present them! And those lists above make the huge mirror more friendly in the industrial house presentation.


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