Inspiring Victorian Style Bathroom with a Modern Touch

Here are some modern touches to make your Victorian-style bathroom more up-to-date. Find out some inspiring ideas that you can try at home

During the Victorian era, the private bathroom was for the upper class only.  The common features include the bathtub, sink and toilet that set far apart from each other. So, how would you take that inspiration and make it more modern?  Here are some current details to create a Victorian-style bathroom with a modern twist.

Porcelain tiles.

Choose one element of a Victorian design that plays a dominant part. Porcelain tiles with a colorful pattern are a great background to keep. Place them on the wall or the floor. It is a standalone accent to match other modern features in the room.

Even though the tiles for the floor are in white color but the pattern owned by the tiles can create a standout look for the Victorian bathroom design. Image Porcelain tile from porcelainsuperstore.
Using porcelain tiles for the Victoria walls of your bathroom will look more stunning and perfectly compatible with other bathroom features. The colorful pattern of the tiles can be the focal point in the bathroom. Image Patterned porcelain tiles from idealhome.

Freestanding Bathtub

Back then, bathing was a romantic and luxury experience. A freestanding bath with claw feet design. This trick is especially needed when you have too limited space. There are many minimalist bathtubs inspired from that era.

If you have a small bathroom space, using a freestanding bathtub is the right choice. A freestanding bathtub with a vintage design will make your Victorian bathroom even more perfect. Image White freestanding bathtub from icanhasgif.
To decorate a Victorian-style bathroom, use the freestanding bathtub with claw legs that looks very perfect and presents a luxurious appearance. Image Clawfoot bathtub from hungelingdesign.

Add cabinet

Typical Victorian-style bathroom highlights only the primary objects that you need in the bathroom. Yet, modern home can use the cabinet as a storage unit or a place to hide things. A wooden cabinet makes a nice modern touch that you need.

Adding a small wooden cabinet in a vintage style to a Victorian bathroom is a simple step that never fails to enhance the classic yet modern look. It can be placed in bathroom vanity and can be used to keep your stuff. Image Vintage cabinet from maisonvalentina.
Adding a small wooden cabinet in the style of Victorian is the right choice to bring a classic and vintage vibe. This wooden cabinet will serve as a storage area and keep your bathroom tidy up. Image Brown wooden cabinet from decoist.

Bathroom Suite

The trio bathroom essential is the ultimate Victorian signature. It includes the bathtub, toilet, and pedestal sink. An identical material in all three items is all you need to achieve that basic Victorian design. It can be a continual ascent of wooden lining, golden or silver brass.

To present a Victorian look, completing the bathroom with a bathtub, toilet, and sink are a great idea. You can use a natural shade color to get a calm look. Image Victorian bathroom design from homestratosphere.
The right choice to present the Victorian characteristics, use the signature item that identical to this style. For the bathroom design, provide a freestanding bathtub, toilet, and pedestal sink. To look modern and fresh, use the white and blue paints for the bathroom color scheme idea. Image White and blue Victorian bathroom design from homestratosphere.

Additional Glass

You do not always have time to use the bathtub. A simple shower can be a quick solution in today’s life. A glass divider can keep the water in as well as a decorative addition to your regal Victorian bathroom.

Adding a glass divider in your Victorian bathroom shower is an option that will never fail to make your bathroom looks more luxurious. This shower room is very useful to save your water and can be a solution if you don’t want to use the bathtub. Image Glass divider from goingtotehran.
If you don’t have a bathtub, you can replace it with a shower and complete it with a glass divider because it can store water well and will add a decorative Victorian style. Image Glass shower room from goingtotehran.

Overall, that is the beauty of Victorian-style bathrooms. It is easy to combine with other modern interior design. Some of the ideas mentioned above are something to look into. You can indulge yourself with an exquisite bathe like in the past, only with a modern touch.

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