Extraordinary Shower Ideas That Will Excite You

A little exploration with the design and art of arranging the house is not prohibited at all. Especially for those who love challenges, you should at least think of experimental designs you can apply whenever you want. Although different from the general taste, nonetheless it presents its own uniqueness.

Prove that you are indeed a revolutionary by creating your own style in designing your shower area. The ideas below are intentionally presented so that you can explore shower designs that you have never previously thought of or are hesitant to make it happen. Check these ideas out!

1. Add a Striking Lighting

Create dramatic effects that can relax you by arranging lights in your shower area. Also, light reflecting from tiles can be useful to give a clean and neat impression.

Rain showers equipped with striking colored lights make bathroom decor look more unique and unusual. Shower rain can make you more relaxed when bathing here. Image striking colored light from madebymood.
The lighting above the shower has a new concept with the addition of attractive lights to reflect light from the ceiling. This method gives a clean and tidy impression to the room. Image recessed light from bowernyc.

2. Give Some Natural Touch

Install teak as a substitute for tiles for your bathroom floor. The raw effect of wood can boost the warmth of the room and also presents an earthen feeling.

Give a natural touch to teak wood floors in your shower area. Teak wood will be stronger and avoid you from renovation because this wood material is not porous and is believed to be durable. Image wood floor from homedit.
The teak floor and wooden bench in the bathroom make your footing while bathing more memorable as well as a little natural touch in a modern bathroom. Image teak floor and wooden bench from homedit.

3. Pick Bold Color Hardware

Modernize the shower area by choosing fixtures with impressive colors. Change your old glossy metal shower to a matte-colored shower with neon shade or other colors that contrast with the fixtures of your choice.

Combine an orange shower with green glass doors, this combination will add contrast to your bathroom with gray ceramic tiles. Image orange shower from dezeen.

4. Change the Shower Direction

Put your shower in the middle and nail it to the ceiling so that you feel a different sensation than your usual showering. Breaking the rules is needed, especially if you are a very easily bored kind of person.

To get a heavier splash of water, you can use a large round shower. In addition, placing the shower in the middle of the ceiling you should try. Image shower design from thewowdecor.
Change the direction of your shower by attaching the rain shower to the sky area in the middle. Surround the shower area with bright lighting. Image shower idea from thewowdecor.
Adding a shower in the middle of the ceiling is a creative design idea and gets an interesting look for you to try. Image middle shower design ideas from thewowdecor.

5. Frameless Shower

Frameless shower cover can provide a broad and flexible effect, so it is also suitable for those who only have a narrow space. Besides, you can accentuate the background tile with the transparent effect of the cover.

Use a transparent shower cover to give a broad and flexible effect. This glass cover can drain light and provide greater illumination for the room. Image glass cover from liveenhanced.
Transparent shower door closers give you the impression of being separated without taking up much space. This is one idea that you can try to decorate your small bathroom. Image transparent shower door from deavita.net

Muster all your imagination and don’t hesitate to make your dream shower come true. Not everyone is brave enough to be an out of the box person. Instead, they are satisfied with what they get. Therefore, you will feel satisfied if you successfully design according to your character.

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