Low-Cost Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Renovation is identical with spending a lot of money. The first so-called step to consider when you want to transform your home is the readiness to drain your savings. This myth inevitably discourages some people from doing renovations.

There has been much news both in cyberspace or magazines regarding how to decorate inexpensively. But hurdles are always there: first money and then determination. Now, strengthen your faith and take the time to explore the renovation ideas we have summarized!

1. Create a Luxury Effect with Cheap Stuff

Create the impression of luxury instead of buying expensive things. Rather than installing real wood pallets for your bathroom floor, it’s better to choose vinyl flooring because they both provide an instant luxury effect.

You can use vinyl flooring to decorate your bathroom so that it gives a luxurious effect but still with cheap items. Image vinyl floor from hgtv.
Renovating bathroom floors using vinyl flooring is an idea that never fails. Because it’s one of the cheap items that will create luxury. Image dark vinyl floor from carpetcall.

 2. Choose a Preloved Furniture

Second-hand markets or any e-commerce websites that sell used goods can be the best choice for saving the budget. You can find old vanity, storages, or antique tubs that are affordable if you look thoroughly.

To save money on renovating your bathroom, try giving used items that still look good. You can buy a used bathtub with good quality to create a luxurious impression in the bathroom. Image antique white bathtub from nearsay.
An old dressing table bought from a thrift market will beautify your bathroom décor so that it looks perfect at a fraction of the cost. Image old dressing table from nearsay.

3. Limit the Use of Tiles

You don’t need all the parts in your bathroom to be installed with beautiful, expensive tiles. Choose areas that are often exposed to water, such as the shower area. Or if you have to use tiles, mix cheaper tiles with a pricey one.

You can mix expensive tiles with more to decorate your bathroom so that it will save more costs and still look perfect. Image bathroom design from hgtv.
Mixing more expensive subway tile and white paint walls is one great way to save money on renovating your bathroom. You can install expensive tiles in areas with frequent water exposure such as in the shower room so that they are stronger. Image black subway tiles from hgtv.

4. Repainting the Wall

The money that should be allocated to buy wallpaper can be transferred to other more important renovation. Paint the bathroom yourself with extreme care, even if it takes time. This way, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

You don’t need to use wallpaper for renovating your bathroom because it will cost more. Try checking your bathroom in blue so that it will make your bathroom look brighter. Image bathroom color scheme from hgtv.
Try painting your bathroom walls in green for a fresh feel. So that your bathroom will look beautiful without having to be expensive. Image green bathroom walls from hgtv.

 5. Pick Reuse Things

Homemade goods sometimes give satisfaction and pride for you. Make your DIY decorations from items that can be reused for other functions, such as repurposed tin can to put a toothbrush or jam bottle for makeup tools.

Making use of unused mason jars for your bathroom styling ideas is a smart idea. You can stick it on the wall so that it can be used to store toothbrushes and so on. Image mason jar from famedecor.
You can use an unused mason jar to store some brushes in the bathroom so they will look tidier and more organized. Image black mason jar from famedecor.

Renovation can still be done without impoverishing you. Say goodbye to the old lifeless bathroom and give your greeting to the newly renovated one.

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