10 Awesome Back Home Part Exterior Design Ideas

Talking about the back home part exterior design, it will be covered many things, from the back part home building that consists of the paint color and the material. Then, you can also have the patio and the garden. Although it won’t be exposed too much, it still really worthy for you to decorate it well because you can utilize it to have your chilling time without any disruption. That is why you should put your efforts into this.

Basically, there are many things that you can do for your back part exterior design. But, there are three basic things that should be fulfilled so that you can use it as your gathering spot or chilling time. The first one will be the back home part building, the second one is the proper patio, then the last one is the greenery for the garden so that you can get the fresh air and peaceful ambiance while spending your time behind your house building. Check out these awesome exterior designs before we move to other talks.

The exterior of this classic house is matched by the beige color of some houses. Green plants and a few chairs create a fresh and comfortable impression as well as enhance the look. Image garden chairs and greenery from housebeautiful.
This farmhouse style provides a stunning outdoor appearance. The swimming pool that built in the backyard will create a fresh impression. Image swimming pool from housebeautiful.
Designing the backyard with a fireplace and wooden seating area is a great idea to get a fresh and natural feel. Combined with some greenery to bring a shade impression. Image fireplace and seating area from roomerve.
This farmhouse has a beautiful rear exterior with a comfortable sofa and carpet. It will create a comfortable feel to gather with your friend and family. Image grey sofa and striped carpet from goodhousekeeping.
The swimming pool is a creative addition and can turn a lackluster facade into an eye-catching look. The wooden deck will over a comfortable impression. Image small swimming pool and wooden deck from home-designing.
If your backyard is wide open, add a wooden dining table set and just a lawn you can use to play with your child. Image wooden dining table set from home-designing.
Enhance your backyard garden with metal dining table sets and other plants that will enhance your backyard exterior. Green not only creates a beautiful visual scene, but it also creates natural freshness. Image metal dining table set from thespruce.
The farmhouse style backyard is a space to reconnect with nature and relax in the fresh air. Adding a pergola and dining table set will make your backyard garden more comfortable. Image pergola and dining table from thespruce.
Your outdoor space can be attractive, comfortable, and stylish using a farmhouse, but it also offers fresh air and nature. A few chairs, complete with a pergola, jacuzzi, and lush greenery is also a nice transition. Image pergola and jacuzzi from thespruce.
The exterior decoration in a rustic style gives your home a very attractive look. Green grass and some wooden chairs complete with a fireplace make your backyard exterior more comfortable and fresh. Image fireplace and seating area from thespruce.

For the building, let’s just focus on the patio that will be an important part of this. What you need to provide for your patio are the seating, table, lighting, and maybe some ornaments. It will also really great if you can provide the firepit or fireplace so that you can still enjoy your time there while the weather is too cold.

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