35 Feminine Home Office Design Ideas Not to Make You Bored

In this modern era, you also have to prepare a home office in your house. Surely you will spend a lot of time there. Therefore, decorating the home office to be comfortable and support work activities is a must. In decorating a home office, then you can try feminine themes, especially for women. In addition to doing feminine makeup room decor and feminine bedroom decor, you should also try this feminine home office decor to give you a different atmosphere while working at home.

Decorating a feminine home office is an easy thing to do. You just need to choose a feminine color that is combined with furniture and pretty ornaments there. In decorating a home office, then you must prepare furniture in the form of tables, chairs and cabinets and shelves. After that, you can decorate it by choosing the right color and also place pretty ornaments as sweetener of the room. We present some pictures of feminine home office decor that you can copy to be applied in your home.

White open shelves from rebekahhutchins
Pastel blue shades from rebekahhutchins
White office desk from rebekahhutchins
Glass office desk from rebekahhutchins
Wooden office desk from rebekahhutchins
Pink pastel shades from homedit
White ladder storage from homedit
Folding glass table from pre-tend
White fleece blanket from pre-tend
Pink table from digsdigs
Blue modular table from digsdigs
White shelf storage from digsdigs
Blue and white shades from digsdigs
Pink cabinet from digsdigs
Brass table lamp from digsdigs
Vintage pendant lamp from digsdigs
Pink flower vase from architectureartdesigns
Pink carpet from architectureartdesigns
Clasic home office theme from architectureartdesigns
Purple pastel shades from liluinteriors
Green pastel shades from architectureartdesigns
Hot pink rug from digsdigs
Pink storage cabinet from digsdigs
Pink fur chair from digsdigs

The feminine decor is synonymous with pink, but actually it can also be created from bright colors or pastel colors. So, don’t worry if you don’t really like pink. For ornaments, you can choose wall decorations, plants, or pretty accessories that you can place there. In addition to color, furniture and also ornaments, the important thing in home offices is lighting. So, you also have to choose a lamp that can support your work there.

For those of you who have a home office, then a feminine home office is something you should try. When working, surely you want a comfortable atmosphere, and you can create it by choosing a feminine theme. Decorations with a feminine theme also have an attractive appearance. So, this is highly recommended for you who want a different atmosphere in your home. However, the most important thing of all is cleanliness and comfort. When the home office is clean and comfortable, then you will be more excited to finish your work.

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