30 Gorgeous and Unique Planters You Can Easily Try

Geometric Polyhedron

This stylish design looks like the shape of a diamond. To create this piece, simple materials to use are cardboards as the mold and scissor. Thanks to its mathematical design, you can sit them at multiple angles. Besides, since these items are small, it is perfect for your succulents.

Grey geometric polyhedron from makerdesignlab
Geometric concrete pot from homecrux
White polyhedron rhombus from home-designing
Semicircle polyhedron from home-designing


Spread your love with these adorable heart-shaped planters which you can easily recreate. Again, cardboards are used to create the mold. Because this design is so romantic, it will be more stunning if you paint them in pastel colors and place them next to your garden lighting.

Heart-shaped container planter from home-designing
Heart-shaped stone planter from empressofdirt
Wooden planter from succulentsandsunshine
Heart-shaped terracotta planter from rhythmofthehome

Round Balloons

Another easy and super affordable DIY planter is this round balloon design. You simply need 7″ round balloons and disposable plastic mixing bowl. It is also preferable if you want to make them in different sizes. Once done, place them together. The chic design goes great with its pale gray color.

Blue balloon planter from gardens.theownerbuildernetwork
White round ballon planter from gardens.theownerbuildernetwork
Brown balloon planter from gardens.theownerbuildernetwork
Black and white stone balloon planter from gardens.theownerbuildernetwork
Concrete balloon planter from gardens.theownerbuildernetwork
Round black balloon planter from gardens.theownerbuildernetwork

Drape Old Fabric

These unique draped concrete planters will make your garden more eye-catching. Use a strong fabric like wool or polyester fuzzy to avoid deformation. That material will give you the best shape once the gets harden. Attaching transparent colorful glass or marbles before the dries up can add sparkle to you draped planters.

Cloth planter from hydroprosales
Concret drape fabric from therusticwillow
Fuzzy succulent planter from madebybarb
Square fabric planter from infarrantlycreative

A Pair of Shoes

As you are demanded to be creative, using old things as the materials is the ingredients. This time, use your vintage boots or high top sneakers. The simple process makes it easy for everyone to create it themselves. Don’t forget to make holes on the shoes’ soles for drainage.

Black boot planter from diytomake
Red boot planter from diytomake
Colorful boot planter from diytomake
Pink high heels planter from diytomake

No need to break your bank account to make your front or back yard so much more inviting and stunning. With a little creativity, you can create beautiful planters fairly easy to make.

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