Start Designing with These 30 Holiday Room Decorating Tips

The holiday is around the corner, and its vibe will continue until sometime. Thus, you need to decorate your house right now. Besides, you won’t get any trouble if you don’t pull those decorations down or replace them to suit the newest season. Plus, you don’t want your house looks bare when other people’s houses are full of festivities, do you?

So, here I have some holiday room decorating tips.

1. Sprigs All Over

I understand that some of you don’t have time or too tired to decorate. But come on! The holiday is coming, and you don’t prepare anything? No way! But, if that’s the case, I encourage you to follow this tip. 

Spread some sprigs all over your house. Not on the floor, but in some places where people can see it without thinking that you are littering the house. Attach some of them on cushions with ribbon, backrests, or glue it on doors.

White sprigs from livinglocurto
White sprigs with red ornament from reciclaredecorar
Hanging sprigs fromr eciclaredecorar

2. Glass Centerpiece

People say that less is more and that’s right. Look at how this centerpiece made of glass make your living room table pop and luxurious. Use your glass vase with or without brims and fill it with some decorative glass balls. Choose gold or silver balls to enhance their festivity for your holiday room decorating items.

Glass Vases with Fresh Flowers from midwestliving
Glass Vase Centrepieces from midwestliving
Glass Vases with Pinecone Tree from midwestliving
Glass Vase Candle Holder from midwestliving
Glass Vases and Colorful Balls from midwestliving
Flowers Bloom Glass Vases from midwestliving
Glass Jar and Apples from midwestliving
Glass Vase with Pearl Beads from midwestliving

3. Fragrant Pomanders

Pomanders are a great functional decorating item. It looks pretty and warms up the vibe while giving out its fragrance. To make ones you need fresh oranges and cloves. Pin one orange with some cloves. Do this for the rest of the oranges you have, then put them in a vase. Place the case on any table where you can enjoy its look and fragrance the best.

Fragrant Pomanders Bowls from inhabitat
Hanging Fragrant Pomanders from thelemontreehome
Blue Fragrant Pomanders Plate from thelemontreehome
Fragrant Pomanders Box from thelemontreehome
Fragrant Pomanders Centerpieces from thelemontreehome
Fragrant Pomanders and Ribbons from pinkfortitude

4. Lighting the Stairs

It’s always good to get enough light in your house when it gets dark, especially during the holiday. Placing some lanterns to light up the stairs is always a good choice. The light illuminates your steps while the decorative lantern tone up the day. Choose those that suit many festive holidays. So, you don’t need to store lots of different lanterns for different seasons.

String Lamp from homecrux
Yellow String Lamp from homecrux
Glass candle Holder from homecrux
Candle Lighting from homecrux
White String Lamp from homecrux

I can’t say that those holiday room decorating items are enough for everyone. But, those are the least items that you should have if you don’t have time.

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