Thrift Store Treasure: Affordable Room Decor to Inspire You

Room decor is a fun way to spend your time. You can glam up your whole room and make it more aesthetic with paintings, flower pots, carpets, etc. However, as much as doing a room makeover is fun, it can get quite expensive as well.  

But as Donna Karan once said, ”Every Problem has a Creative Solution“. You can get your creative solution for home decor at pocket-friendly prices at your nearby thrift store. Thrift stores offer you unique and vintage items as well as saves a lot of money. Take a look at the following inspiring Ideas for your room decor. 

Accessorise the walls

Make your room more personalized with unique picture frames. You can get antique frames at your local thrift shop to decorate your walls. Add pictures of your friends and family in it or leave it as it is. It’s all about your imagination and creativity. You can also get some simple frames and do some DIY projects on them. Moreover, you can add mirrors of different shapes and sizes to add charm to your room.

Light up the room

Brightness gives a more positive vibe to any room. You can purchase lamps from the store and contrast it with your room paint. Add some fairy lights on the walls to illuminate. Make your room look more aesthetic with some vintage lamps. Or you can set them on your study table in your room, or near the dressing table. Whatever you do, lighting up your room will create more space and spice up the ambience.

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Create Some Storage 

No matter how much space you have, it is always less when it comes to organizing your room.  You can clear up some space from your wardrobe and drawers by removing the things you don’t need. You can get some small table organizers and use them to store your stuff.  Also, instead of throwing your old clothes, furniture items, collectible items, etc. while clearing up space, the experts at MERS Goodwill advises that you should drop it at your local thrift store. It will give you a chance to give away unwanted things as well as to do something for your community. 

Spice up the Furniture

If you are bored with your old furniture and want something new, you can explore different furniture available in the store. You can either get something small such as a vintage suitcase or can get a wooden table to make your room look appealing. It gives you some extra storage space as well.

Moreover, you can decorate your old furniture by using flower vases or adding baskets to organize your stuff. 

Add colors to the shelf with books

You can add some books to your shelf and make it look more classic. You can get various books at affordable prices from the thrift store. Not only do they look nice in the room, but if you love to read, you can create your own small library with good books. 

Thrift stores are a treasure that gives wings to your creativity to decorate your room. All these ideas for your room decor will cost you a lot less but will help in making your room look stunning.

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