Designing A Rooftop Garden- Key Considerations To Bear In Mind

Urban living is all about space constraints, and you cannot expect to have a sprawling garden in the front or backyard. If you are serious about your gardening dreams, a rooftop garden makes a great idea. It utilizes the wasted space and brings nature back to the urban environment. You can even use it as a space for entertaining your guests. Further, it enhances air quality, reduces energy bills by providing temperature control, and adds value to your property. As long as you have a house with a roof, designing your own green space up there shouldn’t be rocket science. Here are a few considerations that you need to bear in mind before going ahead with the idea. 


The most challenging aspect of designing a rooftop garden is to manage shade for the plants because they are most likely to be in full sunlight throughout the day. If you are slightly doubtful if what sort of roofing would look the best with your home shade type, you can click here and find out details about it. The choice of the right kind of plants is vital because only certain species can stay healthy in the rooftop environment. The layout is equally important. You will have to place the delicate plants strategically or put shading for them to prevent overexposure. Apart from the sun’s heat, you will also need to shade them from the heat radiated by the surrounding buildings.


Apart from the heat, the wind is another factor from which you need to protect your rooftop garden. The place will have to bear the brunt of adverse weather conditions, so incorporating windbreaks into the layout makes sense. Features like trellises and lattice can disrupt the flow of wind and add aesthetic appeal to space. The plants will get only enough air to thrive well without being damaged by strong gusts.

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Drainage and Waterproofing

If you want a perfect roof garden without damaging the structural integrity of your place, good drainage and waterproofing are vital. According to experts, overflowing rain gutters are no joke because they will eventually damage the roof and even the entire house. All the water you use up there has to be drained without allowing excess to run off. Design it in a way that the runoff flows neatly into the gutters. It would be great if you can store it for reuse. Arrange good waterproofing to ensure that the moisture doesn’t seep through the roof. 


As an avid gardener, you will probably know that gardening requires a lot of work. You will also need a list of tools and paraphernalia such as spades, forks, secateurs, buckets, fertilizer, compost, gloves, potting mix, and hoses. You wouldn’t want them to create a mess on the rooftop, lying around scattered across the place. Including ample storage in the design is a good idea. You can invest in double-duty furniture pieces that help you store stuff while creating a comfortable sitting area for your guests.

Apart from these structural considerations, you will also want to ensure privacy from the prying eyes of the neighbors. If you want to spend mornings and evenings here, some smart measures like using sun shades, installing fences, and building screens can work.  

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