21 Coastal Style Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Going to the beach is an exciting moment for everyone. It’s because you can feel calm and comfortable that you cannot feel at home. And for you beach lovers, decorating your house in a coastal style is something you should try. Usually, someone decorates a coastal living room, coastal kitchen, or coastal bedroom. But here we will also recommend you in decorating the bathroom in this coastal style.

The thing you have to do in decorating the bathroom in this style is to enter the beach atmosphere into the room. And you can do by considering interior color selection, lighting settings, natural furniture selection, and also present coastal accessories in the room. The coastal bathroom will give the impression of being fresh and able to make the body more relaxed when bathing. Therefore, you should try decorating the bathroom in coastal style. So, we present pictures of bathroom decoration in a coastal style that you must know. Let’s see below!

The blue mosaic tile for the wall in this bathroom looks stunning with wooden furniture. This is one of the ways to bring the beach vibe to your bathroom. You can put a mirror there to complete the decor. Blue mosaic tile from elledecor

Create a stunning look for your bathroom with beach decor. The light blue wallpaper with sea animal motifs makes the room look fresh. You can add a mirror that has a shape that looks like a ship window to feel like in the real beach. Light blue wallpaper with sea animal from hgtv

You can apply light blues and whites to create fresh air in a coastal bathroom. You can add some beach ornaments such as starfish or another animal ornament to get a real beach vibe. Coastal bathroom from hgtv

If you like beach nuances, then you can apply light blue and white tones as a bathroom color scheme idea. To complete the decoration, you can put beach ornaments then place them in your bathroom. Beach ornaments on the wall from thewowdecor

Full of your bathroom with any kinds beach ornaments as accessories. You can make simple shelves in your bathroom wall then arrange the beach ornaments there. don’t forget to use white and blue color for the perfect coastal bathroom color scheme decor. Wall decorations with shades of blue from thewowdecor

Simple beach bathroom decor with white and turquoise walls complemented by natural stone tiles are able to bring a beach vibe. This decor will bring airy nuance to your bathroom. Turquoise walls from thewowdecor

There is a simple way to decorate your bathroom in a coastal nuance. One of them is by using a white and light blue color scheme. You can apply this color to the wall and bathroom appliances. To make your bathroom looks more attractive, you can choose the tile in a hexagon shape. Light blue hexagonal tiles from shelterness

A beautiful coastal bathroom with thin turquoise tiles, a driftwood vanity, and a round bathtub plus sleek mirror designs will complete the look. Even though the design is simple but it can create a cozy feels. Coastal bathroom with turquoise tiles from shelterness

The bold coastal bathroom with dark blue tile and wooden bathtub will bring a natural nuance for your private place. To get an airy nuance, you can combine it with a white color for the ceiling. Bold coastal bathroom from shelterness

A bright coastal bathroom with patterned dark blue tiles is the perfect idea to get a beach nuance. Pair it with white tones for the bathtub and walls for the perfect contrast. Bright coastal bathroom from shelterness

Stunning beach bathroom with turquoise fish tiles. In addition, applying marble flooring and wooden mats makes for a more elegant look. Marble flooring and wooden mats from shelterness

If you need an idea to decorate your bathroom in coastal nuance, you can change the tile in your shower room with fish scale tiles. Choose in blue color to strengthen the beach vibe. Fish scale tiles from shelterness

Decorating a Mediterranean-style bathroom, with blue fish-scale tiles and a white color scheme is a good idea to get a beach nuance. By applying this design, you will get an airy and fresh coastal bathroom decor. Mediterranean-style bathroom from shelterness

Simple coastal bathroom decor with a bright blue ceramic shower, a round white sink, vintage faucet, and gorgeous weathered wood vanity. Those items are a good combination to get simple but cozy coastal bathroom decor. Bright blue ceramic shower from shelterness

Use aqua fishscale tiles which can be the focal point of the room. The vinyl flooring and large white sink are also great decorations there. Coastal bathroom aqua fishscale tiles from shelterness

Neutral contemporary coastal bathroom with driftwood vanity, gray tiled walls, a touch of black color are a good aspect to create a beach look in this room. Contemporary coastal bathroom from shelterness

You can decorate a bathroom with a fishscale tile ombre which looks absolutely stunning. This bathroom looks very elegant and classy with these tiles. Fishscale tile ombre fromshelterness

You can try decorating your retro coastal bathroom with the pale blue walls in this room. Adding a legged tub and wooden flooring makes for a cool look there. Retro coastal bathroom from shelterness

The enchanting light blue coastal bathroom with exquisite antique furnishings, white marble countertops, large wood framed mirrors and brass faucets on the faucet make the room look gorgeous. Light blue coastal bathroom from shelterness

The starfish wall decor in brown and white makes this room look attractive. This is the simple way to get a beach vibe in the bathroom decor. Starfish wall decor from thespruce

Decorate your child’s bathroom with an unused surfboard that used for towel hooks. In addition, you can put cartoon turtles and cartoon fish as sweeteners. Surfboard-shaped hook from decoratorist

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In the bathroom, there won’t be much furniture. Usually, there is only be bath up, sink complete with mirror, storage, and rack in the bathroom. With that, then usually someone decorates their coastal bathrooms with wall decorations such as wallpapers and interesting coastal accessories. You can get coastal accessories at an online store if you don’t have a lot of time to look for them on the beach. Then, you can decorate your bathroom wherever you want.

With a coastal bathroom in your house, you will feel very cozy there. Blue, Tosca green, and white will make the coastal bathroom becomes beautiful but still warm. You can combine this coastal bathroom with tiles from natural stone and furniture from wood for a more natural impression. So, it’s time for you to try to decorate a coastal bathroom in your home. This will be the most comfortable and beautiful bathroom decor you have.


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