31 Eclectic Kitchen with Bohemian Decor Ideas

Bohemian is a home decor that gives you an opportunity to play with colors and patterns. As well as, it brings beauty through textures. It is an artistic home decor that can be applied to both small and large spaces at home. Also, it is not only for your living room and bedroom, but boho will also decorate your kitchen beautifully. What makes it great is that boho offers ways to make your kitchen more interesting and cozy. To inspire you more, the following gallery shows you how boho magically transforms your kitchen into a pleasant place to do the cooking process.

In general, the basic thing of boho decor is a natural color. White beige is the most commonly applied as a color scheme. But, boho lets you bring some colors by clashing them in harmony. For your kitchen, colorful touch can be applied through tiles, wall paint, furniture, or ornaments. Colorful flowery tiles will make a statement for your backsplash. Moreover, you can have geometrical tiles for the floor to add patterns for the whole kitchen.

A bohemian style rug gives a great look to the floor. Greenery and some rustic ornaments work well to create a cozy atmosphere. Bohemian style rug from decoholic

Shiny green backsplash for the kitchen will look attractive. Pair it with wood block open shelves for a deep rustic feel. Shiny green backsplash from decoholic

Red and beige boho rugs create a classic atmosphere in this boho kitchen. The navy cabinet with wooden countertops creates a classic look. Red and beige boho rugs from decoholic

Everyone will love this boho kitchen. A bright tribal pattern rug complements this kitchen. Boho kitchen from decoholic

White kitchen islands and kitchen countertops with wood countertops give a sleek look to this kitchen. A red fluffy rug and a few ornaments and greenery create a festive atmosphere. White kitchen islands from decoholic

The monochromatic nuance of this boho kitchen provides an attractive appearance. Wooden countertops and patterned tiles make this kitchen even more attractive. Monochromatic bohemian kitchen from decoholic

The colorful pillows really give a pretty impression to this bohemian kitchen. Bright hues and colors make this kitchen inviting. Colorful pillows from decoholic

Don’t worry about having an open kitchen. With some wood elements and vintage furniture, this boho kitchen looks neat with bohemian décor. Vintage furniture from decoholic

Bohemian décor makes this kitchen pretty in white tones. Wooden dining tables and rattan pendant lamps make a statement to the kitchen. Rattan pendant lamps from decoholic

Boho rustic decor features wooden floor designs and wooden countertops. Large carpets and ornamental plants are the focal point. Boho rustic kitchen from decoholic

Potted houseplants really make the air fresh. Hanging with a macram will make the room look interesting. Plant Hanging with macrame fromrecabezas

Fresh green boho kitchen makes everyone feel comfortable. The backsplash and floor tiles make a beautiful statement. Fresh green boho kitchen from digsdigs

A reclaimed wooden table gives a touch of rustic in this boho kitchen. A pink rug balances the navy cabinet. Then, the opened shelves are used to organize plates and other pieces. Reclaimed wooden table from digsdigs

Some greenery and colorful carpets represent bohemian style. White shades and white cabinets will complement your bohemian kitchen décor. Greenery and colorful carpets from digsdigs

The orange cabinet completes this boho kitchen really well. Its sleek appearance is offset by greenery. The black and white floor will complete the look. Orange cabinet from digsdigs

The blue cabinets and marble countertop make it stylish. Then, the tribal rug adds an artistic element to this boho kitchen decor. Tribal patterned rugs from digsdigs

Orange wall and backsplash tiles have a calm combination with the grey cabinets. The rug brings an enchanting colorful vibe for the kitchen. Rug colorful from digsdigs

To create a decorative touch on the pink walls, you can combine it with a purple cabinet. The dining table in colorful paint and patterned ceramic tiles makes this bohemian kitchen even cooler. Pink walls bohemian decor from digsdigs

The bright green cabinets make this kitchen stunning. The vintage wooden table completes the design to make it even more adorable. Then, the flowers in the vase provide fresh air into the space. Bright green cabinets from digsdigs

A cabinet without doors makes this kitchen attractive. A patterned rug in purple and a patterned backsplash always offers an eye-catching look. Cabinet without doors from digsdigs

Green walls and pink and red furniture with eclectic artwork and textiles create an eye-catching look in a bohemian kitchen. Green walls and pink and red furniture from digsdigs

This bohemian kitchen looks so festive with the pink color scheme of the white subway tile backsplash. The dining table with colorful tablecloths adds a deeper boho impression. Colorful tablecloths from digsdigs

The white nuances make this boho kitchen even brighter and airy. The addition of patterned blue cabinet curtains creates a deeper boho feel. Patterned blue cabinet curtains from digsdigs

This awesome wallpaper wall and floor tile design make your boho kitchen even more attractive. Some greenery was added to create fresh air into the room. Wallpaper wall and floor tile from digsdigs

This green patterned backsplash lends a bohemian style to your electric kitchen. Wooden open shelves and several collections of cutlery are showcased for an attractive appearance. Green patterned backsplash boho kitchen from digsdigs

Install a round boho rug to compliment your boho kitchen décor. A few potted cactus plants create a natural touch to a room. Round boho rug from digsdigs

The blue carpet with tribal motifs brings a bohemian feel to the small kitchen. Some greenery is added to create fresh air into the room. Blue carpet with tribal motifs from digsdigs

Some wooden furniture give a touch of rustic. Though this kitchen looks stuffy, the wooden shelf makes it more well-organized. Wooden furniture from digsdigs

The white nuances make this boho kitchen even brighter and airy. Adding a colorful fluffy rug creates a deeper boho impression. White nuances boho kitchen from digsdigs

Macrame decorations hang on the wall to add a boho look to your kitchen. Colorful backsplash was applied to create the focal point of the room. Colorful backsplash from digsdigs

The floor and backsplash have the same tile pattern to make this kitchen beautiful. There is an old wooden table that will give a vintage look. Floor and backsplash tile pattern from digsdigs

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Like a boho living room decor, it is possible for you to give ornaments to your kitchen. A macrame and a dream catcher can be the alternatives. Furthermore, you can take some unusual ornaments with a vintage or rustic vibe just to combine the styles. In addition, make an inviting kitchen by focusing on the cabinets. You may paint the cabinets with eye-catching or pastel colors. Bohemian will let you free to choose. The next thing to make a boho kitchen decor is that putting a rug. There are many kinds of rug you may opt for, a Morrocan or woven rug will be nice.

The role of greenery in boho kitchen decor is very important. They will freshen up the ambiance and give a natural touch. Put some potted greenery on the shelf, in the cabinet, or near the sink. Wherever you put them, they will enhance your kitchen decor. On the other hand, you do not need to be worried about combining your boho decor with rustic or vintage. They are the most popular styles to combine with bohemian to create a chic vibe for any room. Thus, consider this eclectic boho decor for your kitchen now.

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