Home Renovation Basics: 5 Affordable Tips to Update Your Home
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Home renovations become essential after you have lived in the same house for a few years. As time goes by, many homeowners wish to upgrade their property in line with the latest home trends to make it a more comfortable place to live. In some cases, the needs of the family change with time, and homeowners must make a few changes here and there to be able to accommodate a greater number of people in the same house.

As exciting as home renovations are for any homeowner, one thing that most homeowners worry about the most is its cost. Even if you plan well and follow all the expert advice, there are chances of overspending throughout the process if you are not careful. 

For this reason, here are our top five easy tips to upgrade your home on a budget: 


While it is one of the oldest tricks in the book, no one can deny the power of paint in completely changing the look of your entire home. Paint forms a major component of both your interior and exterior. Whether you wish to paint just your living room or your entire house, paint can bring your drab, worn-out walls to life once again. 

While you don’t need to be a pro to carry out a great paint job, some research and planning are essential before you begin. Spend some time learning the tips and tricks to painting expertly. If you are considering a full-scale painting project for your entire interior, consider moving your furniture, artwork, and other fragile household items to a storage unit during the process to protect it from any damage. Those residing in Texas can find several reliable self-storage Grand Prairie TX options to store their belongings temporarily at a very reasonable cost. 

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Beautiful lighting can truly change the dynamics of a room. The right lighting automatically makes a space feel bright, open, and welcoming while poor lighting can make any room feel dark and depressing. You can use lights in numerous, creative ways. To start with, invest in stylish floor lamps for any corners of the home that lack light. You can also add decorative lamps to any tables that need some décor. If you are willing to make major changes, consider investing in oversized, contemporary pendant light or chandelier for your living room to give it an ultimate touch of class. 


Nothing makes your bathrooms and kitchens look out-of-date like worn-out, dirty cabinets. The good news is that it is surprisingly easy to give your cabinets a completely new look in a few simple steps. If you wish to change the color scheme, consider painting your old cabinets a completely different shade than their existing color. All you have to do is sand the cabinet first to get rid of their old stain and then proceed to paint it a new color. For best results, ask a cabinetry maker or the salesperson at your home improvement store to recommend the best paint for your specific cabinet type. 

The next thing you can do is replace existing doorknobs and drawer pulls with new ones. You will find a range of different styles of hardware in the market, ranging from minimalistic to intricate designs. 


The outdoor area of your property is the first thing an outsider sees when they visit your property. Consequently, when you have a limited budget, improving your curb appeal is one thing that you need to prioritize to make a big impact. 

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To start with, take a walk around your neighborhood and pay close attention to the kind of plants people have in their outdoor area. Identify a few that you’d like to have at your house and then visit your local nursery to find them. Make sure to choose plants in various colors, varieties, and heights for some depth. Additionally, if you have space, you can set up a cozy, little outdoor seating area to enjoy the summer breeze with a few basic furniture pieces. 


If you are thinking of carrying out some major renovations that will require hiring the services of a contractor, it is always a good idea to wait till the off-season to get it done. During the premium times such as the summer break or Christmas, contractors are often very busy with multiple projects. Labor might be scarce and delivery of work slower during this time. Conversely, during the off-season such as at the start of the year, contractors often offer discounts to earn more business. You can save anywhere between 5 to 10 percent of your total cost by renovating during this time. 


There are a lot of small things you can do around the house that can transform its look dramatically. The best way to make the biggest impact is to start with the most outdated features in your home. When you are done fixing these, you can move on to the rest of the areas. Soon enough, you should have a house that you will feel proud to show off to your visitors! 

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