28 Modern Mid-Century Bookcase Ideas to Beautify your Space

Having a spacious room design is the happiest thing for every homeowner. For me, having a house with a large space gives a positive atmosphere to it. Moreover, if you are able to take advantage of that space. But, have you ever felt confused to take advantage of the space in your home? Now you don’t need to be confused. Interior decoration has helped us a lot in utilizing the existing space so far. One way is to add a mid-century bookcase in the following style. Adding a bookcase accent to a large space is a brilliant idea. Besides, you will find a neat room with a modern mid-century style bookcase. You will also have a modern mid-century home design.

Mid-century design is a style of interior design that appears simple but still elegant. Likewise, with the following mid-century bookcase modern designs. Simple design appearance with very beautiful original wood material which becomes the characteristic of mid-century design. The room will become more crowded and pleasant. Besides, it functions as a storage room. The bookcase also serves to add value to beauty. Not surprisingly, the mid-century design is not only able to create mid-century furniture on a budget. But, in fact, the mid-century design is able to present the concept of a beautiful bookcase.

DIY Mid century wall bookcase will complete your room decor. You can add greenery for a touch of fresh air. Mid century wall bookcase from diyjoy

You can try the idea of decorating your home by applying a mid-century bookshelf beside the bed. In this way it will be easier for you to choose books while in the bedroom. Bookshelf beside bed from diyjoy

Home decoration by applying a simple bookcase will make your home decor neater. You can add some other ornaments to complete the look. Bookshelves from diyjoy

Stained mid-century modern bookcase richly with closed wardrobe, drawers and open shelves. You can add some ornaments and potted plants for an attractive room design. Mid-century modern bookcase from digsdigs

A large bookcase with open shelves and closed storage unit is ideal for a mid-century modern home office. You can add rattan baskets for extra storage. Large bookcase with open shelves from digsdigs

A wall-mounted light-colored wooden box bookcase is a stylish way to save the floor This way the room will look spacious and neat. Wooden box bookcase from digsdigs

A bookcase with redwoods and combine with glass material will make it look elegant. Inside, there are several shelves to make it easier for you to store your book collections. Bookcase with redwoods from digsdigs

Very simple design in dark colors. Additional open shelves will fit anywhere. Applying ornaments to a bookshelf will make the decoration even more attractive. Wooden bookshelf from digsdigs

Moreover, the bookshelf design has a lot of storage space. Combining a work table with a bookshelf will create a different look in the room. Combination bookshelves and work desks from digsdigs

This wooden standing bookcase is also open. The open design makes it easy for you to reach and can save space. Wooden standing bookcase from digsdigs

The bookshelf design consists of several long wooden squares. Not only functioned as a bookshelf, but also a room divider. Bookshelf room divider from digsdigs

Not only stylish with an attractive design. This wooden bookcase has a typical mid-century design. Plus complete the decor by adding drawers for extra storage. Drawers storage from digsdigs

A modern mid-century bookcase with antique dark colors. This design looks lightweight with the addition of a glass cover. Modern mid-century bookcase from digsdigs

A wall-mounted bookcase in muted green shades with natural-colored shelves features much storage space in a creative way. Wall-mounted bookcase from digsdigs

Modern mid-century bookcase design with catchy plywood. The design resembles a honeycomb which unique and creative. Honeycomb bookshelf from digsdigs

Mid-century modern bookcase made of white and neutral wood has plenty of storage space. You can complete the look with wooden chairs and white stools. Bookcase white and neutral wood from digsdigs

Mid-century style bookshelf combination with shelves, drawers and cabinets. The natural color of the wood has its own aesthetic value. You can combine it with wooden floors and wooden furniture to create a warm impression. Bookshelf with shelves, drawers and cabinets from digsdigs

Mid-century design with a neutral bookshelf design that has lots of storage styles. Add a look with a few ornaments for an eye-catching look. Neutral bookshelf from digsdigs

A chic and elegant wooden bookcase with tall legs and a wooden pattern on the glass door makes the appearance even more attractive. You can put it in the living room to complement the decor. Wooden bookshelf pattern from digsdigs

Shiny blue accents on the bookcase can add color to your walls. Besides being stylish, this bookcase will look modern. Blue bookcase from digsdigs

The height bookshelf from the floor to the ceiling gives you unlimited storage space. The towering design adds to everyone’s appeal. Height bookshelf from digsdigs

Wall-mounted bookshelf design is perfect for your home office or workspace. The classic design consists of open shelves and a matching table and chairs. Wall-mounted bookshelf from digsdigs

Mid-century modern open bookcase in turquoise with geometric touch gives the attractive look to the home decor. Pair it with white tones for the perfect contrast. Turquoise bookcase from digsdigs

A small, mid-century bookcase in turquoise with brown legs will add a touch of bright color to your room. You can keep your book collection neatly in the living room. Bookcase living room from digsdigs

Bright orange bookcase with glass lid is a great color touch for a minimalist room decor. This way it will make your room more stylish. Bright orange bookcase from digsdigs

Modern mid-century bookcase design with wooden legs and bright colors. Of course, this bookcase will add color to your room. Modern mid-century bookcase from digsdigs

Mid-century modern bookcase in dark color with laser cut doors and shelves inside. The dark brown mid century bookshelf design features something old-fashioned. Mid century from digsdigs

A funky bright wood bookcase with open shelves and drawers has plenty of storage space and adds color to the room. You can add uniquely shaped pots for the perfect design. Wood bookcase with open shelves from digsdigs

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Actually, if you realize that having a bookcase is a convenience. Like the ease of storing or the ease of decorating. So that beautifying the space does not have to be pure of art. But you can show by installing a modern bookcase of mid-century design. A large mid-century bookcase design provides plenty of space to store. In addition, with a large space, you can display your favorite books. You can design your own bookcase. Starting from the open or closed design. Likewise, with the material and motifs of your bookcase. As we know that the mid-century design is very familiar with wooden material. With a reason to be more integrated with nature.

It is true, that mid-century designs always use a combination of natural patterns and warm colors. For example, like a natural wood motif. Warm shades presented from pastel colors and natural colors of wood. However, you can adjust the color of the bookcase to the color of your wall. So that they look harmonious. As a consideration, try to build a bookcase with bold colors like blue, black, or white. You can also replace wood elements with metal material. The rest, to save space, then you should put the bookcase near the wall. Or, you can also attach a bookcase to your wall.


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