40 Creative DIY Projects to Decorate Your Feminine Home Style

Decorating a house will make pleasure. That’s because the atmosphere of the house with new decorations will make a better mood. And for adult women or teenagers, you can choose feminine style room decor. The character of the feminine style is soft, so it makes the room feel cozy and warm. and, for those of you who want to decorate the room in a feminine style. So we recommend doing feminine makeup room decor or feminine home office decor. That’s because both rooms are important rooms for women besides the bedroom.

In decorating the room with a feminine style, then you must enter the character of the feminine into the room. and the character is related to the selection of colors, furniture, and also an ornament. Actually, it would be better if you DIY feminine home decor. For example, you can make a pretty ornament and also decorate the room with pastel colors that will give a feminine impression there. To give you inspiration about DIY feminine decor. Then you should see some pictures below.

Wall clock with pink color from dreamgreendiy
Tape frame wall decoration from designsponge
Circle boards wall decor from abubblylife
Flower wreath ornaments from designimprovised
Pink shades from homeemoney
Heart shape garland from homeemoney
Pink succulent pot from stylemotivation
Pink wreath from stylemotivation
Pink spoon mirror from stylemotivation
Pink vanity and gold mirror from stylemotivation
Pink chalkboard globe from alittlecraftinyourday
Love sign ornament from diyprojectsforteens
DIY dreamcatcher from diyprojectsforteens
Flower vase from diyprojectsforteens
Colorfull 3D geometric wall art from diyprojectsforteens
Pink glass vases and pink flower from diyprojectsforteens
Hanging flower heart from diyprojectsforteens
Ombre wall tassels from diyprojectsforteens
Hanging macrame from diyprojectsforteens
Heart pillow from diyprojectsforteens
Monogram floral wall decor from diyprojectsforteens
DIY spray paint flower art from diyprojectsforteens
DIY painted candle holder from diyprojectsforteens
Shabby chic lamp shade from diyprojectsforteens
Rustic flowers sign from designdazzle
White and gold storage shelf from detalhesmagicos
Floral wallpaper from curatedinterior
Vintage style ornaments from curatedinterior

An easy way to decorate a room in a feminine style is to put pink in the room. however, if you don’t really like pink, then you can choose pastel colors. And, the room will definitely feel boring if there are no ornaments there. with that, you have to put pretty ornament as a sweetener of the room. if you have free time, you can make pretty ornaments yourself. However, you can also buy it in the accessories shop if you don’t want to be complicated.

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So, to create a stunning look with this feminine style, then you also have to consider everything properly. Decorating a room with a feminine look will rely on color, furniture, and decoration. And you must remember that you must combine them in harmony. With that, the appearance of the room is not excessive, looks too crowded and too flashy. Because if you don’t consider harmony, then the impression of soft, cozy, and warm will disappear with the false decoration. Good luck to try it!

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