50 DIY Rustic Planters for Your Mini Garden

Having a mini garden can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to choosing the right planters for it. You should go for relatively small planters to save more space, and the correct size for your specific mini garden might be hard to come by. Don’t worry though because you can make one yourself with these DIY rustic planters for your mini garden. 

1. Garden Tool Planters

This unique planter is easy to make and aesthetically pleasing. You can choose whatever tool to use as the planter, such as a spade, fork, wheelbarrow, or other garden tools. You can use the spade and fork for the hanging planter. Then hang two pots of small plants on it. This hanging planter is not only portable, but it also saves a lot of space since you’re putting it on the wall. 

Red wheelbarrow planter from diy-enthusiasts
Old wheelbarrow planter from backyardboss.net
Yellow wheelbarrow planter from backyardboss.net
Vintage wheelbarrow planter from backyardboss.net
Distressed wheelbarrow planter from backyardboss.net
Old bucket planter from backyardboss.net
Old wicker basket planters from backyardboss.net
Wooden cart planter from backyardboss.net
Watering can planter from createandbabble
Yellow boot planter from homebnc

2. Farmhouse Drawer Planters

Having an unused small cabinet with drawers? Don’t toss it out yet! Instead, use it as your mini garden’s planters. All you need to do is repaint it with whatever color you want and then fill the drawers with soil and grow small plants in each of the drawers.

Wooden drawer planter from balconygardenweb
Herb drawer planter from balconygardenweb
Hanging drawer planters from mydesiredhome
Colorful drawer planter from mydesiredhome
DIY drawer planter from thecottagemarket
Upcycled drawer from thecottagemarket
Hanging blue drawer planter from littlethings
Classic drawer planter from littlethings
Old drawer planter from inspirationalz
White drawer and iron stand from inspirationalz
Green drawer planter from inspirationalz
White small drawer planter from inspirationalz
Rustic drawer from inspirationalz
Green drawer planter from inspirationalz

3. Recycled Plastic Bottle Planters

Just like the drawer, planters can be made from repurposed things. So why don’t you make use of used plastic bottle?  You can turn the bottles into cute planters with an animal face, or anything else you want. Not only you can go creative with it, but it also helps the environment by producing less plastic waste. 

Animal bottle planters from cravingsomecreativity
Bunny bottle planters from hellocreativefamily
DIY bottle plant holder from thebetterindia

4. Tree Branch Planters

Is it time to cut your trees’ branches? If you find dead tree branches with a big enough diameter to host small plants, you can use them as a planter. This one might more tricky than the other DIY planters in this list but tree branch planters are very unique and perfect especially for succulent small plants.

DIY tree branch planters from thesucculenteclectic
Old tree trunks from shelterness
Succulent branch planter from balconygardenweb
Driftwood planter from balconygardenweb
DIY tree branch planters from balconygardenweb
Succulent tree branch planter from balconygardenweb

Making DIY rustic planters for your mini gardenis not only the best way to accommodate the limited space but it can also act as a nudge for your creative soul. Moreover, you can repurpose your old unused furniture and recycling waste. Neat, isn’t it?

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