20 Floor Types to Consider for Creating Mid-Century Modern Interiors

If every Mid-Century décor in the Mad Men series inspires you, don’t forget to install the right floor. Various retro floor trends are making a comeback in the modern era, which makes it easier for you to adopt a Mid-Century Modern interior. Here are several floor types you can consider when planning a Mid-Century interior.

1. Exposed Walnut

Walnut was a popular option for houses in the 60s and 70s. Its rich shade makes walnut go together with almost all color palettes. Walnut also ages well, giving your house a classic look after many years.

For those of you who apply a Mid-Century house design, the walnut floor can be an option to create a modern interior. Exposing the walnut floor brings a warm feel and aesthetic look at the same time. Exposed walnut floor from onekindesign.

Combining the modern sofa with a brown walnut floor is one way to create a modern interior for your Mid-Century house design. Those element works well to create stunning home decor. Brown exposed walnut floor from onekindesign.

One of the flooring idea that suitable to create a modern interior in a Mid-Century home design is walnut floor. For the sharp look but still cozy, the dark floor color is a good idea. You can choose in dark brown walnut. Dark brown exposed walnut from onekindesign.

It can’t be wrong if you using a walnut floor for your mid-century home design. This kind of floor is actually easy to blend well with another color palette. Especially if you combine it with a white color scheme in your home. Exposed walnut flooring and white wall from onekindesign.

2. Travertine

Travertine combines the fresh, sleek surface with a natural stone look. Travertine consists of various neutral colors, from light to dark shades. You can install travertine to balance the bold and colorful interior.

To balance the look of your Mid-Century home design that apply a dark shade, you can choose travertine floor for the flooring idea. Choose in the light color to bring contrast look in your home and more stunning. Travertine floor from eichlernetwork.

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3. Concrete

Concrete is durable and imbuing a slightly unfinished look in a home, perfect to combine your Mid-Century décor with a rustic element. Concrete doesn’t always need to be grey. Many floor installer services offer floor staining services that can turn your concrete floor into a more interesting surface.

If you like a natural Mid-Century home decor, consider to use concrete floor. The natural color of the floor will make your Mid-Century kitchen looks beautiful. Concrete kitchen floor from homedit.

The grey color of the concrete floor works well with the wooden material of the dining chairs and kitchen walls. The touch of natural elements in the Mid-Century kitchen brings the fresh ambiance. Concrete floor in grey from homedit.

Combining the concrete floor with the modern dining table and chairs will add the beauty look in your Mid-Century dining room decor. If you want to get the rustic vibe at the same time, you can install an animal skin rug under the dining table. Concrete dining room floor from goldenart.

To get a durability flooring idea for the Mid-Century home design, you can use a concrete floor. This kinds of floor also being able to bring a natural look to your home decor. Concrete mid century floor from cocokelley.

The concrete floor also suitable to bring a modern interior for the Mid-Century home decor. Even though the concrete floor offers an unfinished look, but you can ask your floor installer service to create a sleek look. It will make the floor surface more interesting. Sleek concrete floor from idntimes.

If you want to combine your Mid-Century home design with the rustic element, the concrete floor is the right answer. Complete this look with, exposed brick walls, distressed wood touch, and iron elements for the furniture. Concrete floor from digsdigs.

The concrete floor also suitable for the bathroom floor idea. The original color of the floor will make your Mid-Century bathroom design looks simple but aesthetic. Concrete bathroom floor from remodelormove.

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4. Terrazzo

Terrazzo is identical with retro homes, but it is now making a comeback. A cheaper alternative than sleek stones like marble or granite, terrazzo offers an interesting visual thanks to its grainy look.

Make your Mid-Century home design looks more modern with the terrazzo floor. The mosaic look from the floor pattern will create an attractive look. Especially, if it combined with sleek modern furniture. Terrazzo floor from midcenturyhome

To enhance the look of your Mid-Century living room design, you can use a terrazzo floor. Combined it with a gray color scheme to get match with the grainy look of the terrazzo floor. Terrazzo living room floor from la.curbed

You can give a pop of color in your white kitchen with the gray terrazzo floor. The pattern of the floor will bring a different look to the plain kitchen decor. Gray terrazzo from la.curbed.

5. Teakwood

Teakwood and other hardwood types were popular in the 50s. You can install it to last for many years, and it goes well with various colors and designs. Teakwood also has a classic elegance, suitable for a Mid-Century interior.

Find a classic look in your Mid-Century dining room design by applying a teakwood floor. The dark color of the teakwood will go well with the white color scheme in your dining room. Teakwood floor from wearefound.

Strengthen the classic vibe in your Mid-Century dining room decor with the classic teakwood floor. This floor is suitable for the Mid-Century interior because it can offer a classic elegance nuance that identical to that design. Classic teakwood floor from wearefound.

If you use the brown shade for your living room color, you match it with the teakwood floor in brown. It will make your living room more elegant. Brown teakwood floor from diynetwork

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6. Slate

Unlike travertine, slate offers a more textured look and darker neutral tones. Slate has fine grains and durable surface, although regular sealing is required to keep it from water damage. Slate is perfect for an interior with bold, bright elements.

You can also insert a natural touch in your modern interior of Mid-Century design by using a slate floor. This floor is rich texture and the irregular shape of the stone will enhance your home decor instantly. Natural slate floor from retrorenovation.

7. Cork

Cheap and easy to install, cork features a neutral background for your furniture. It has a subtle, soft texture, perfect to accentuate every design feature in your house.

If you like more friendly material for the floor, the cork floor is highly recommended. This floor also durable as well as a teakwood, pallet, and laminate floor. But this floor is good to offer a subtle impression. Cork floor from diynetwork.

Make your Mid-Century décor more memorable by choosing the right floor. You don’t need to spend much just to get the right retro look with a new floor.


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