51 Uniquely Attractive Foyer Design Ideas Photos

The idea of displaying photos on your foyer is one great way to make your entryway much more attractive and eye-catching. Most people, of course, have done the same thing with the wall or stairs of their big or small foyer. If you are on the same team but wishing to do it differently, here are some foyer design ideas photos you will love.

1. Photo Art Collections

For those of you who are the person that likes photography, you can display your photo art collections on the entryway or foyer. All you have to do is just frame your photo collections according to your style. If you like a simple style, frame them with a black wooden frame. But if you want to show the elegance, pick the photo frame in gold color. Surely, it will enhance your foyer decor.

Wooden Frame from elledecor

White Frame from decorilla

Gold Photo Frame from elledecor

Large and Small Frame Sizes from elledecor

Symmetrical Foyer Gallery from elledecor

Carved Wooden Photo Frame from countryliving

Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall from bhg

Photo Wall Collage from decorpad

White frame with round mirror from decorpad

Horizontal Art Gallery from decorpad

Geometric Art Collection from decorpad

Foyer Designed with Gallery Wall Art from decorpad

Brick Wall Finished with Gallery Wall from decorpad

White Framed Seabirds Painting from decoist

Gallery Art with Gold Frame from decoist

Gallery Wall with Black Frame from decoist

2. From Childhood to Adulthood

Tell stories through your foyer design ideas photos. One step to do that is by displaying pictures, say, you in your childhood up to when you reach an older age. You can hang the photos all the way to your stairs if your foyer comes with stairs. Also, add a little note under your little exhibition, giving details of the name and the age, for example. 

Memory Wall Decor from decoratw

Stairs with Pictures from Childhood to Adulthood from bystephanielynn

Photo Collections with Large Box Frame from ideadesigncasa

Black Framed Childhood Photos and “K” sign from ideadesigncasa

Various Frame Sizes and Designs and Letter “S” Sign from ideadesigncasa

Floor-to-Ceiling Photo Collections from ideadesigncasa

Collection of Photo Walls in Heart Shape from theodysseyonline

Photo Frame Collection with DIY Shelves from dustanddoghair

Photo Collections on Writing Board from goodnewsarchitecture

Staircase with Red Photo Frame from architecturaldigest

Gallery Wall with Wooden Frame from architecturaldigest

Large Photo Collections from Childhood to Adulthood from architecturaldigest

Black Wooden Frame with Brown Wall from architecturaldigest

Vintage Wooden Frames from architecturendesign

Framed Retro Prints in Vintage White Frame from architecturendesign

Different Sizes Wooden Frame from architecturendesign

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3. Marrying Wall Sticker and Portraits

To make a focal point to your foyer, one unique idea you can steal is combining wall decal with Polaroid pics. For example, buy a tree-silhouette wall sticker and then stick your portraits on the branches randomly and aesthetically. There are other sticker designs you can choose and have fun with while marrying them with your Polaroid.

Tree-Silhouette Wall Sticker with Black Frame from architecturendesign

Tree Wall Sticker and Photo Frame from thewhoot

Corner Tree Wall Sticker with Family Photo from thewhoot

Corner Tree Wall Sticker and Black Wooden Frame from thewhoot

Tree-Silhouette Wall Sticker and Polaroid from thewhoot

Wall Sticker and Portrait from thewhoot

Foyer Tree Wall Sticker from thewhoot

Corner Foyer with Wall Tree from wonderfuldiy

4. Photo Wall Clock

Another amazing and unique way you can do to create foyer design ideas photos is by displaying portraits to replace the number of the wall clock. As for the clockwise, you can purchase them or create yourself. What is so good about this photo wall clock is that you can replace the portraits with new ones anytime you want.

DIY Giant Family Photo Wall Clock from diyfunideas

Photo Wall Clock in Wooden Frame from 1mhowto

DIY Picture Frame Wall Clock from coolcreativity

DIY Polaroid Wall Clock from trendir

Large Family Photo Wall Clock from wonderfuldiy

Wooden Clock with Photo Frame from wonderfuldiy

Large Wall Clock with White Photo Frame from wonderfuldiy

Large Wall Clock and Photo Gallery from wonderfuldiy

DIY Photo Frame Wall Clock  from successfulhomemakers

Photo Frame Wall Clock from decoratorist

Large Photo Wall Clock from decoratorist

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Try those excellent designs in presenting your pictures’ gallery. Make the most of your foyer design ideas photos and stun your family and friends with this little exhibition of yours.


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