54 How to Get Your Apartment a Luxurious Look

Minimalist, modern, industrial, and other styles can get a luxurious look. Before starting the topic, you need to understand the concept of a luxurious look. Luxury is a combination of elements providing such a look, and it doesn’t have anything to do with any specific designs.

When it comes to a luxury apartment, quality and brands should be the first priority. They have great aesthetics to combine extravagant shapes and quality materials, not to mention that those luxurious elements are put together in balance.

If you want to achieve such a look, below are the ultimate guide that works with any room designs.

1. Display Eye-Catching Artwork

High-class society always loves luxury and art. They love going to the theater, music shows, and art exhibitions—even compete to win an artwork auction. Thus, displaying eye-catching artwork can create such a vibe around you. Select beautiful paintings or sculptures and distribute them around the important places. Make them the focal point in the living room and dining room.

Large Landscape Painting from architecturaldigest

Wall Paintings from architecturaldigest

Double Big Paintings from brit.co

Abstrac Painting from mymove

Abstract Wall Painting from renoguide

White and Black Sculptures from renoguide

Framed Abstract Painting from renoguide

Animal Painting from renoguide

Large Black and Gold Painting from renoguide

Red Sculptures from architecturaldigest

Colorful Sculpture from architecturaldigest

Colorful Wall Art from architecturaldigest

Black Hanging Sculpture from architecturaldigest

Frank Stella’s Wall Sculpture from architecturaldigest

2. Style the Mirror

A mirror is something closely related to a higher class society. Thus, having it in the room will bring a different ambiance to a luxury apartment. Consider hanging a mirror in the lobby or living room, but don’t leave it untouched. Choose one with irregular shapes and decorate it to grab everyone’s attention.

Wooden Mirror above Fireplace from interiordesign

Large Mirror above Marble Fireplace from elledecor

Round Mirrors from elledecor

Italian Mirror with Hand-Carved Frame from elledecor

Sunburst Mirror from elledecor

French Mirror Style from archi-living

Double Rectangular Mirrors from veranda

Brass Round Mirror from veranda

Scandinavian Round Mirror from renoguide

Wood Framed Mirrors from renoguide

Wall Accent with Geometric Mirrors from renoguide

Scandinavian Decor with Round Mirror from renoguide

Bar-Shaped Mirror Design from renoguide

Arched Windowpane Mirror from renoguide

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3. Use Elegant Lighting Fixtures

Talking about luxury items, you can’t leave lighting fixtures. You don’t need to pick the royal-look ones which look elegant, not luxurious. Opt for those looking simple, but luxurious. These include bespoke chandelier or pendant and wall lighting. Place them in important rooms.

Cyrstal Chandelier from architectureartdesigns

Antique Crystal Chandelier from architectureartdesigns

Vintage Chandelier from architectureartdesigns

Antique Lighting from architectureartdesigns

European-style Chandelier from architectureartdesigns

Victorian Antique Crystal Chandelier from architectureartdesigns

Water Drop Lamp from architectureartdesigns

Contemporary Pendant Lights from home-designing

Sputnik Lamps from luxdeco

Mid-Century Modern Lamp from luxdeco

Modern Crsytal Chandelier from luxdeco

Contemporary Dining Room Lighting from luxdeco

Round Glass Lamp from mydomaine

Globe Lights Over Kitchen Island from mydomaine

4. Roll Out a Good Rug

A rug is everyone’s choice since it can make the boring floor look different. Select one with a great pattern that matches the rest of the furniture and design. A classic and simple rug is always good for a luxury apartment, making the room chic and elegant at the same time.

Dark Coloured Rug from lillarugs

Layering Rug from lillarugs

Persian Rugs from lillarugs

Bold Carpet from lillarugs

Soft Fur Rugs from elledecor

Multicolored Flatweave Rug from elledecor

Light Beige Rug with Greek-Key Motif from elledecor

Neutral Striped Rug from elledecor

Tonal Patterned Rug from elledecor

Muted Blue-and-Gray Rug from elledecor

Sheep-Wool Rug from elledecor

Blue Wave Patterned Rug Design from elledecor

Those are all you can do to achieve a luxurious look for your apartment.


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