Simple Vanity in the Bathroom: 46 How to Choose the Most Suitable One

Interested in installing a simple vanity in the bathroom? If so, there are several things you should pay attention to so that the results are more optimal. Moreover, a bathroom vanity can be a good solution to make some extra storage. So, follow the several tips below to pick the most suitable vanity for your wet room.

1. Know the Right Size 

The first point you should think about when installing a vanity is which size would best fit your bathroom. Sure, it is crucial to understand the standard vanity size that suits your bathroom needs.

Wooden Floating Vanity from forbes

Semicircular Vanity from forbes

Minimalist Vanity from forbes

White Floating Vanity from forbes

Vanity with One Shelf from forbes

Black and White Vanity from construction2style

Floating Vanity with Round Mirror from construction2style

White Vanity with Storage from kelleynan

Vintage Vanity and Frameless Round Mirror from brunswickdesign

Vanity with Drawer from brunswickdesign

2. Check the Availability of Space

After picking the right size, the next step is to look as if it doesn’t block your bathroom path. Well, there is nothing more regretful than investing in a large vanity which limits your movement in the bathroom.

Blue Corner Vanity from housebeautiful

Yellow Vanity from housebeautiful

Vanity with Curtains from housebeautiful

Floating Basin Sink from housebeautiful

Farmhouse Vanity from housebeautiful

Rustic Vanity from housebeautiful

Sleek Stainless Steel Vanity from hgtv

Grey Vanity from bhg

Small Vanity for Small Bathroom from bhg

3. Determine Your Sink Needs

Some of the vanity bathroom cabinets are also in need of a particular sink. However, in some cases, they can feature a sink as well. That way, ensure you read every information available on the bathroom vanity products.

 Marble Sink from roomhints

Drop-in Sink from roomhints

Rectangular Ceramic Bathroom Sink from roomhints

Console Vanity Bathroom Sink from roomhints

Wooden Wall Mounted Vanity from roomhints

Drop-in Marble Sink from roomhints

Oval Ceramic Sink from roomhints

Console Marble Sink from roomhints

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4. Choose One That Is Easy to Clean

A freestanding vanity is sure the most favorite choice among other types. However, bear in mind that this sort of bathroom vanity is quite difficult to clean. That’s because you will find many nooks or narrow corners within it, which means dust will be very easy to stick around them.

Asian Bathroom with Wooden Floating Vanity from decoist

Classic Floating Sink from decoist

Contemporary Bathroom with Floating Vanity from decoist

Monochromatic Vanity from decoist

Floating Sink with marble countertop from decoist

Dark Floating Cabinet from decoist

Modern Floating Vanity from decoist

Floating Cabinet from decoist

Floating Cabinet with Dual Sinks from decoist

Sleek Floating Vanity from decoist

5. Do Not Neglect the Faucet

You cannot always find faucets in every vanity product. So, try to do some research to get the most of your needs. Furthermore, if you’ve turned out not to buy vanity and sink at one time, try to recalculate its faucet holes as well as the distance between the two.

Vintage Faucet from deltafaucet

Stainless Faucet from deltafaucet

Hands Free Faucet from deltafaucet

Double Handle Faucet from deltafaucet

Silver Double Handle Faucets from housebeautiful

Vintage Brass Faucet from housebeautiful

Brass Faucet from housebeautiful

Double Pull Out Faucet from housebeautiful

Silver Double Faucet from housebeautiful

Here are all the tips you need to know before creating a simple vanity in the bathroom. Good luck with your next project!


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