RV Ideas: 50 Must-Have Items for Your RV Bedroom

If you have decided to see the world through RVing in the near future, it’s time to do an RV check soon.  As you’ll spend your many nights ahead in your RV bedroom, you need to ensure the place has all the items you need. So, check the room beforehand! Yet, for you who are new in the RV world, you might need these RV ideas about must-have items for your RV bedroom.

1. Comfortable RV Mattress 

RV mattress will define your sleeping quality. Thus, you really need to keep a comfortable one for your RV bedroom. Although you’ll spend much money on it, you’ll definitely be thankful to wake up without any back pain, exhausted feel, and body ache in the morning.

Double Mattress from thecurveahead

Classic RV Bedroom from thecurveahead

RV Bedding Design from dexorate

Motorhome Bedroom Ideas from dexorate

Luxury RV Bedroom Ideas from dexorate

Blue and White Bedding from dexorate

Double Polkadot Mattress from dexorate

Tribal Patterned Pillow from dexorate

Colorful RV Bedding from dexorate

Mattress with Floral Pattern from dexorate

Large mattress on RV Bedroom from dexorate

Mattress with Storage Underneath from dexorate

Corner Mattress from dexorate

Black and White Square Box Mattress from dexorate

Coastal Mattress from rvinspiration

2. Easy-to-Install RV Bed Sheet

Smooth and easy, your RV bedsheet should have those two features. Imagine yourself changing the bed sheet while having a fight with your bed in a narrow space, isn’t it tiring?  That’s why you’ll need to store an easy-to-install RV bed sheet. A bedsheet with a zipper might be favorable.

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To meet your personal preferences, try to have a bed sheet in your favorite color. 

White Linen Bed Sheet from dexorate

White Bed Sheet from dexorate

Striped Bed Sheet from dexorate

Mattress with White Sheet and Blanket from dexorate

White Embossed Patterned Bed Sheet from dexorate

Colorful Bed Linen from dexorate

Brown Patterned Bed Sheet from dexorate

Coastal Bed Linen from dexorate

White Bed Sheet with Beige Blanket from doityourselfrv

White Bed Sheet from doityourselfrv

Polka Dot Bed Sheet from gorving

White Bed Linen from gorving

3. RV Fan 

Though some RVs have a ceiling fan option, they aren’t moveable. You can install it on the ceiling of the RV to give fresh air in your RV room. Even though it can’t move to any room but at least it will freshen up your RV. So you must have this item to make you feel comfortable during traveling.

Wall Fan from myrigadventures

Celling Fan from happiestcamper

Small Fan Attaches on the side of Cabinet from grahamgreenimages

White Mini Fan from abigpeacheyadventure

Black Celling Fan from rvinspiration

Blue Celling Fan from spintheglobeproject

4. Storage Box

When it comes to decluttering your RV bedroom space, you’ll need storage organizers. Then, boxes are the most practical one to use. Bring as many storage boxes as possible with you. With the proper size of boxes, you can place them inside cabinets or above shelves. Utilize them to store your linen, clothes, towels, bags, etc. 

One smart tip to do with your storage box is to label them based on items stored. 

Wicker Basket Storage from dexorate

Hanging Plastic Storage from thepopupprincess

Plastic Storage Box from thepopupprincess

Plastic Storage Box Under Mattress from homeiswherewetakeit

Wooden Storage Box from parkedinparadise

Large Box Storage from parkedinparadise

Plastic Box Inside the Cupboards from rvshare

Black and White Box Storage from letstravelfamily

Purple Transparent Storage Box from letstravelfamily

Yellow Box Storage from letstravelfamily

Hanging Box Storage from letstravelfamily

White Box Storage from letstravelfamily

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5. Mini Dehumidifier 

You must agree that the dehumidifier is the most important one to have. It is because your room will go damp easily when you do all the activities (like sleeping, cooking, and showering) in the same small place. Let the dehumidifier combat a damp room.

You can purchase a moisture absorber bag or an electric dehumidifier. Just pick one that fits your budget.

White Mini Dehumidifier on the Table from smartrving

RV Bedroom with Dehumidifier  from rvweb

Mini Dehumidifier from campersmarts

Black and White Dehumidifier from campersmarts

Standing Dehumidifier from rvlife

We hope you enjoyed these RV ideas about five must-have items for an RV bedroom.


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