21 Classy Tiny House Designs That Will Amaze You

A cozy dwelling is everyone’s dream. No matter the size, the design, and how much the budget spent, your house is the best place to come back. For those who have a tiny house, you do not need to be worried since your house can be elegant and classy with some special touches. If you do not know what to begin the decoration, the galley and description below will guide you. Therefore, you can magically transform your tiny house into a great dwelling for all your family.

Look Natural with Modern Rustic Design

A tiny house allows you to opt for any styles and designs. All the styles will fit well for a tiny house as long as you can manage the space well. Like this example, rustic is chosen for the style. It presents a brick wall and a wood beam ceiling. But, this tiny room looks airy because of another white wall side which gives a bright impression. Also, the two classic pendant lamps make this dining area more elegant.

Rustic designs are always perfect for making your tiny house look natural and warm. The presence of wooden furniture and wooden ceilings can make your small house look more attractive. Wooden ceilings from tinyliving.

Decorate your tiny house with wooden floors to create a rustic décor. Complete with wooden furniture to reinforce the rustic feel. Wooden floors from gobankingrates.

Your tiny house will look perfect with dark wood floors and wooden beams combined with white nuances so it will look very elegant. Tiny house with dark wood floors from lonelyplanet.

Decorating a small house with a wooden ceiling and white tones will give a warm and spacious impression. Complete the decor with two pendant lights for a vintage feel. Wooden ceiling and white tones from dreambiglivetinyco.

It doesn’t matter if you apply an all-wood material to your walls, it really feels rustic. Wooden ceilings and floors can create an aesthetic appearance. All-wood material from dreambiglivetinyco.

Pair white and wood tones if you want a rustic feel to your home. In order to appear modern, you can use modern furniture and equip it with the right lighting. White and wood tones from tinyhomebuilders.

Make your home feel warm and natural with wood touches throughout your décor. Using wooden cabinets and antique chandeliers makes the rustic atmosphere even more pronounced. Wooden cabinets and antique chandeliers from tinyliving.

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Tiny House Stuffed With Space-Saving Ideas

Space-saving storages for a tiny house are very important. They help you in organizing the stuff and store your goods. Thus, your minimal space will be organized well so that your tiny house looks spacious, tidy, and well-organized. For example, you can make functional storage under the stairs in the form of sliding drawers to store your shoes. Likewise, it is possible for you to install floating shelves to organize your books and make it a mini library.

Using space-saving furniture is the best way so that your tiny house doesn’t look too cramped. add a drawer under the stairs for easy storage of some ornaments. Drawer under the stairs from thespruce.

It’s very important to have plenty of smart storage and storage in your home. use your ladder to create storage. It can be realized in the form of a drawer. Wooden ladder with drawer from thespruce.

You can use the ladder for storage. Add a drawer for your smart storage. make sure you can pull it off easily. Ladder for storage from thespruce.

You can use a wall shelf that can be used as storage in your small house. This is a very smart storage idea for your home. Wall shelf from homestratosphere.

The kitchen of a tiny house that has many shelves is very useful for storage in your small house. You can place whatever you want and keep your home in order. Shelves storage from homestratosphere.

Provide an entrance to your home with several shelves to store your belongings and install multiple cabinets for extra storage. Wooden shelves from homestratosphere.

Apply a drawer on the stairs for the smart storage idea in your home. It can save more space and make your home looks tidy. Dark wood ladder from homestratosphere.

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Use Simple Furniture to Look Minimalist

Dealing with minimal space, you have to be smart in choosing the most functional furniture. Don’t opt for large furniture that needs more space. You can consider having double-duty furniture to save space. As well as, there is some simple furniture to have which will be enough to accommodate your stuff. For example, the idea of a towable micro cabin allows you to have a triple duty as a desk, eating area, and bonus storage space.

The use of a kitchen table complete with simple book storage can save space and make the house look minimalist but still functional. Kitchen table with book storage from hgtv.

A staircase design complete with storage can create a minimalist look to your tiny house. Using a brown color scheme can make your home look elegant. Staircase with storage from hgtv.

You can use a bed frame that has storage underneath. You can place your items there neatly. Just put it under a comfortable mattress to save space and it doesn’t look too cramped and you have enough room to move. Storage under mattres from hgtv.

This multifunctional dining table can be a furniture idea in your tiny house. This table can be a wall decoration if not used so that it will create a minimalist home decor. Multifunctional dining table from tinyhousegiantjourney.

Place your countertop on wheels near the kitchen to save space and increase storage to save space. So you can move this table around easily. Table with wheels and storage from yankodesign.

When not in use, you can fold the work desk so that it creates a minimalist atmosphere in your small house. Let the natural color to look classy. Work desk from yankodesign.

This wooden headboard is equipped with a book storage area, so it will give a neat impression to the bedroom of your tiny house. Add some vines for a natural look to the room. Wooden headboard from insider.

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Now, we are sure that you have some alternatives to make your tiny house looks more classy. You even do not need to spend more money to make it true. Just be smart in managing the space, choosing the right style and furniture, and keep your tiny house tidy with tricky storages ideas. Don’t forget to add greenery and ornaments to enhance your tiny house look.


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