55 Ways to Use the Wall Space to Keep Your Bathroom Well-Organized

The bathroom could be the most complicated room. The main factor is the number of items in it. Therefore, we must be observant of organizing bathrooms. So that the bathroom is kept neat, clean, and always comfortable. Besides that, adding a bathroom cabinet becomes very important. However, neatness is supported by sufficient storage space. So, you should think about adding some adequate storage space. So that the bathroom space remains neat and looks organized. One reason why storage space is very important is that it helps us maintain neatness, especially for small bathrooms.

Have you ever thought about making use of the wall space that you have felt in vain? now never again. If we look, redecorating the bathroom space becomes very interesting. Utilizing wall space into additional neat storage space. So that everything looks organized. The key is you have to be a little creative, and innovative. So as to produce a new room design with full benefits. We prepared some interesting and unique additional storage ideas that are definitely affordable to have.

Open Bathroom Shelving Above Toilet from shelterness

Open Bathroom Shelving Unit in Grey from shelterness

Shelves Stuffed Corner from shelterness

Hanging Shelves with Hooks from shelterness

Rustic Open Shelves from shelterness

White Floating Shelves Over the Toilet from shelterness

Dark Stained Open Bathroom Shelves from shelterness

Shabby Chic Open Bathroom Shelves from shelterness

Built-in Shelves from shelterness

Built-in Shelves Next to Mirror from shelterness

Built-In Cabinet from shelterness

Dark Wood Cabinet from shelterness

Shabby Chic Glass Built-In Cabinet from shelterness

Bathroom Shelving with Tiles from shelterness

DIY Wooden Wall Cabinet with Mirror from shelterness

Large Glass Cabinet with Shelf from shelterness

Cabinet Over Toilet from shelterness

Wicker Storage from shelterness

Whitewashed Crates Storage from shelterness

Wrought Bathroom Wall Holder from shelterness

Over the Toilet Wooden Shelf from homebnc

Mounted Shelves with Wood Panels and Wire from homebnc

Floating Wooden Shelves from homebnc

Built-in Cabinet from homebnc

Hanging Rustic Labeled Soap Shelf from homebnc

Shelves with Bottom Hooks from homebnc

Towel Rack from homebnc

Oval Shower Caddy from homebnc

Plastic Toiletry Holder from homebnc

Gray Wood Grain Wall Shelf from homebnc

Hanging Crochet Bathroom Storage from homebnc

Mini Mounted Over Toilet Cabinet from homebnc

Wooden Box Above The Sink from homebnc

Tiered Towel Holder from homebnc

Gray Shelving with Security Railing from homebnc

Pipes and Wicker Basket from homebnc

Open Shelf Above the Door from homebnc

Corner Rattan Basket from homebnc

Built-In Wall Storage from homebnc

DIY White Shelves from homebnc

Functional Box Shelves from homebnc

White Open Shelves and Wire Basket from homebnc

Framed Storage Box from homebnc

Hanging Shower Caddie from homebnc

Industrial Shelves Storage from homebnc

Hooks, Wire Baskets, and Metal Bucket Storage from homebnc

Tiny Cupboards from homebnc

Distressed Shelves from homebnc

Hanging Basket Storage from homebnc

Toothbrushes Wall Storage from homebnc

Rustic Wood Shelves from homebnc

Hangging Small Canvas Bags from homebnc

Built-In Cabinet from homebnc

Pipes Storage from homebnc

Shower Caddy storage from homebnc

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Well, now we know why in a room leaving a space. The goal is to add extra storage space. So that the state of a room remains organized and can be enjoyed by its existence. Like we know, there are so many ways to use the bathroom wall space. Maybe one of them is to install shelves, or baskets, or hacks. The goal is to create an organized bathroom space. Adding a wall shelf will not affect the design of a small bathroom. Because this method is effective for all bathroom sizes. Usually, you look for a lot of information before deciding to do a renovation. With this, we hope to inspire you.

In the process of organizing a bathroom room, there must be a number of things to consider. Good organizing for large or small bathrooms. Some of these things are, where you will increase storage space. Then whether it will be hanging, hooking, shelving and stacking. Anyway, whether you will install it in a vertical or horizontal. Thus the addition of storage space will be more effective and efficient. You don’t need to worry about this, because some of the examples above can be applied to your bathroom.


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