49 Space-Saving Bathroom Organization Ideas

Most of the idea of bathroom space is a small room. Usually, the bathroom is the smallest of the rooms in the house. No wonder so many people want affordable small bathroom designs. Besides space-saving, saving energy, it also saves costs. Because a small building tends to save care and maintenance. Of the vast bathroom space, all you need is maintenance and how to keep the bathroom neat. One way to keep the bathroom neat is to increase storage space. However, sufficient storage space will facilitate you in organizing.

We have regretted that one way to organize a bathroom that saves space is by adding storage space. However, you must consider what kind of storage you expect. Do you add a floating shelf, or build storage space under the sink, or make hacks. We have prepared several bathroom organization ideas that save space. So, you don’t need to feel confused. Various ideas and examples of bathroom organization are here. The most important thing is a variety of minimalist storage rack material so that it will always save space. Besides that, you can also access various other sources of inspiration.

Plant Stand Storage Hack from diys

Shower Rod Clips from diys

Wall Mounted Cups from diys

Tiered Storage Shelves from diys

Above The Door Shelf from diys

Magnets Storage from diys

Vertical Built-In Storage from diys

Pocket Shower Organizer from diys

Repurpose Wine Rack from diys

Mirror Cabinet from diys

Door Mounted Towel Racks from diys

Wire Rack Behind The Cabinet Door from diys

Over-The-Sink Shelf from diys

Triangular Corner Shelves from diys

Ceiling Level Storage from diys

DIY Built In Shelves from diys

Floating White Shelves from diys

Repurpose Hat Boxes from diys

Floating Self Under The Sink from hgtv

Large Mirror Cabinet from hgtv

Blue Built-In Storage from hgtv

Wooden Built-In Storage from hgtv

Hanging Wooden Box from hgtv

White Cabinet Storage from hgtv

Wooden Floating Shelves from hgtv

Pull-Out Storage from hgtv

Cubbies Storage from hgtv

Hanging Baskets and Rails from hgtv

Hidden Bins from hgtv

Wall Pipes Rack from hgtv

Pipes Wall Storage from hgtv

Vertical Wood Shelves from hgtv

Wooden Cubbies Storage from hgtv

Hanging Wire Storage from hgtv

Lockers Storage from hgtv

Hidden Hamper from hgtv

Wall-Mounted Shelving from hgtv

Mason Jar Organizer from hgtv

Peg Rails from hgtv

Crate Shelving from hgtv

Towel Rod Above the Toilet from apartmenttherapy

Thick Wooden Shelves from apartmenttherapy

Wooden Crate Storage from apartmenttherapy

High Wooden Shelv from apartmenttherapy

Wire Towel Rack from apartmenttherapy

Towel Hook from apartmenttherapy

Over Toilet Shelf and Bar from acultivatednest

Behind Door Storage from acultivatednest

Wall Mounted Baskets from acultivatednest

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Hearing the word organization saving space must be about a minimalist organization and does not fill the room. It is true, space-saving organizations always consider minimalist and multi-use storage space. Besides that, it must be unique and very adorable storage. Like the examples above, many use storage space that is environmentally friendly and uses affordable material. This principle is detached from the size of a bathroom. The most important thing is to keep the bathroom looking neat and comfortable.

In organizing a room, the first time we see is the available wall space. What is its size and where is it located? So we will find a place to add good storage space. The result is a bathroom with good organization. Usually, there are some favorite places to add storage space. Like, under the sink, above the toilet, behind the door, until the bathroom wall is empty. All of them are aimed at getting a neat and organized bathroom appearance. Now is the time you start to organize your bathroom to be more organized. After all the bathroom is our place to relax. Where we need a comfortable place.

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