52 Coffee Table Design Ideas from Reclaimed Wood

A coffee table is a table that complements the presence of sofas and chairs at home. The main use of this table is the same as a table in general, which is to put things there. And now, there are several shapes and designs of coffee tables that you have to know. It is such as modern coffee tables, rustic coffee tables, pallet coffee tables, and reclaimed wood coffee tables. But for those of you who like interesting things, then you have to try reclaimed wood coffee tables at your home.

By using reclaimed wood, the budget you spend will not be much either. Especially if you have wood that you don’t use at home. So you can create a reclaimed wood coffee table with it. And to make your house look more beautiful, then you have to make a coffee table from reclaimed wood or buy it with a good design. So, we have reclaimed wood coffee table pictures below that can inspire you.

Rustic Pallet Turned Functional Coffee Table from homebnc

Vintage Reclaimed Wood from homebnc

Walnut Wood Coffee Table from homebnc

Reclaimed Wood With Storage from homebnc

X-shaped Frame from homebnc

Wide Plank Baluster Rustic Table from homebnc

Geometric Shapes With Wood and Brass from homebnc

Classic Walnut Table with Wicker Vases from homebnc

 Pallet Wood Coffee Table from homebnc

Herringbone Pallet Wood from homebnc

Thick Wooden Slabs from homebnc

White Washed Cube Table from homebnc

Reclaimed Wood with Metal Leg from homebnc

Distressed Railroad Cart from homebnc

Reclaimed Wooden Drawers Coffee Table from homebnc

Walnut Wooden Table from homebnc

Reclaimed Table With Pink Geometric Legs from homebnc

Reclaimed Coffee Table with Wheels from homebnc

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Table from homebnc

Off-White Wood Reclaimed Coffee Table from homebnc

Distressed Wood Coffee Table from homebnc

Small Wooden Table from homebnc

Geometrically Shaped Reclaimed Wood and Metal from homebnc

Lift-Top Wooden Table from homebnc

Black and Grey Wooden Table from homebnc

Small Rustic Table from homebnc

Industrial Reclaimed Wood from homebnc

Reclaimed Lumber Coffee Table from hgtv

DIY Reclaimed Wood and Metal from remodelaholic

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Drawer from ana-white

Pallet Coffee Table from instructables

DIY Dark Wood Coffee Table from remodelaholic

Pallet Wood Coffee Table With Wheels from reclaimdesign

Herringbone Table With Steel Hairpin Legs from reclaimdesign

Coffee Table With Cast Iron Wheels from reclaimdesign

Round Coffee Table from decoratio

Square Wooden Coffee Table from decoratio

Reclaimed round Coffee Table with Pipe Legs from decoratio

Reclaimed Coffee Table with Turquois Wood Legs from decoratio

Wooden and Metal Legs from decoratio

DIY heringbone Coffee Table from ideas4diy

Wooden Pallet Table from ideas4diy

Repurposed Wall Clock Coffee Table fromideas4diy

Re-Purposed Pallet Coffee Table from ideas4diy

White Pallet Coffee Table from ideas4diy

Reclaimed Wood and Hairpin Leg Coffee Table from countryliving

Balustrade Coffee Table from countryliving

Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Table from countryliving

Square Plank Coffee Table from countryliving

Upcycled Window Coffee Table from countryliving

Picket Fence Coffee Table from countryliving

Cable Spool Coffee Table from countryliving

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In choosing a coffee table from reclaimed wood, usually, someone chooses the natural color of the wood. Maybe they just sand it to make it look smoother and give it a polish. With these natural colors, a simple but elegant appearance will be created. Like some of the pictures above, just by using reclaimed wood, it can produce amazing coffee tables.

So, rather than you throwing wood that is around your house. So you can use it to be a cool coffee table there. You can choose the shape of a round coffee table or a box shape according to your needs. And even though it looks natural, you can also combine it with a comfortable sofa there. In addition, you can put flowers or plants on the table as a fresh decoration there. With that, it will create a fresh and stunning display.

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