25 Rustic Coffee Table Design Ideas You Need to See

Today, there are many home concepts that are commonly applied such as minimalist, modern, vintage and retro concept. However, you must know that the rustic concept is also starting to be of interest to many people. And just like other styles, rustic can also be applied in various forms, but many people use rustic as an interior style, such as in the form of coffee tables, chairs, cabinets or other home decorations. Then rustic is a concept that has a not smooth or unfinished texture. Or it can be said that rustic is more directed to a natural thing.

Now, many people use the rustic concept to become a concept in making coffee tables. This table is usually placed in the living room. And because it uses the rustic concept, the material used is wood and metal. For example, you can make a pallet coffee table from this rustic concept. This is an easy way that actually can be done by everyone. So, for those of you who want to make a rustic coffee table, then we present some pictures below that can inspire you. Check it now!

This rustic coffee table made of reclaimed wood is equipped with a storage basket. Add greenery in a vase for a fresh look. Reclaimed wood coffee table from homebnc.

Decorating the living room with the addition of this farmhouse style rustic coffee table will complete the look of the room. White paint on the legs for an attractive table design. Farmhouse style coffee table from homebnc.

Make your rustic coffee table with a modern touch with the addition of glass which can create an attractive appearance in your living room. In addition, you can place the plant there as a sweetener. Rustic coffee table with glass from coffeeandsidetables.

A rustic coffee table with wood chunks is suitable if you want to have a different feel in your modern living room. Coupled with a little garnish on top for sweetness. Rustic coffee table with wood chunks from coffeeandsidetables.

You can use a tree cut that has a rough texture as a rustic coffee table that you can place in your living room. So that it will create an attractive room decoration. Tree cut coffee table from coffeeandsidetables.

Arrange your ancient block as a rustic coffee table in your living room. This way you will get a vintage look to the room. Block rustic coffee table from coffeeandsidetables.

Rustic coffee table with a natural wood board that looks simple and you can make it by yourself. You can put legs there to make it higher. Wood board coffee table from coffeeandsidetables.

This is a simple coffee table with a piece of wood and you don’t need to change the texture of natural wood to create a rustic look. Let them in natural shape and color to get an authentic look. Piece wood coffee table from coffeeandsidetables.

A combination of natural wood and glass as a rustic coffee table that you can place in the living room to make the room even more stunning. Add flowers in a vase for an eye-catching look. Coffee table with wood and glass from coffeeandsidetables.

For the simple thing to make a rustic coffee table is to utilize some wooden crates. All you have to do is just arrange some wooden crates to become a table in square shape. You can paint the crates in brown color or let them in natural color to look more rustic. Wooden crate coffee table from coffeeandsidetables.

Use a rustic coffee table with wood pallets to create the perfect look in your living room. Combine with metal legs to get a sturdy look. You make storage underneath to store your items. Wood and metal coffee table from decoratorist.

Stunning rustic coffee table with a simple shape but can answer your needs. You can place it in rustic house design to make it cooler. Wooden and metal coffee table from decoratorist.

Antique coffee table with wood complete with wheels makes the table easy to move wherever you want. Wooden coffee table with wheels from flairflickers.

A rustic coffee table with a vintage design is one item to attract the appearance of the living room. You can add some greenery to give a fresh impression to the space. Vintage coffee table from decoratorist.

SImple coffee table in rustic concept by taking advantage of wooden pallet there. Add some plants to make the look sweeter. Dark wood coffee table from decoratorist.

A wooden coffee table that you can place in the living room adds a rustic feel to the space. Repaint the table for a more interesting decoration. Repaint coffee table from decoratorist.

Place a rustic coffee table in the living room with a unique shape there. Carving the table makes the table look classy. Carving table from decoratorist.

Very simple rustic coffee table with distressed wood so it looks natural. In addition, adding a drawer for storage on the table will make your room decor tidier. Coffee table with drawer from decoratorist.

A rustic coffee table with metal legs makes the room look so stunning and attractive. Coupled with the presence of plants there which is more fresh to the air. Coffee table with metal legs from decoratorist.

You can make this rustic coffee table yourself because you only need wood as a table board. Use the hair clip legs for a simple look but sturdy enough. Wooden board from flairflickers.

This coffee table made of wooden blocks arrangement can enhance the appearance of your living room. Using hairpins legs makes the appearance look solid. Wooden blocks coffee table from flairflickers.

The DIY wood coffee table made of the palette will give a rustic look to your living room. You can complete the table with storage to help you store your items. DIY wood palette coffee table from flairflickers.

This rustic coffee table from pallets can be used to complete your rustic living room. You can add wheels for the leg ideas for easy moving. Coffee table with pallets and wheels from flairflickers.

Old palette arrangement as a rustic coffee table that you can put in your living room. Use the wheel legs to look more attractive. Palette and wheel legs from flairflickers.

A modern minimalist house with a rustic coffee table made of several wooden pallets. This coffee table looks simple but able to bring a rustic vibe to your home. Pallet coffee table from easypalletideas.

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Actually, you can use wood around your house to make this rustic coffee table. You just need to find the old wood, then arrange it into a unique coffee table. For color, it depends on one’s preference. Because someone will have their own favorite color. There is someone who likes natural color, and there is also someone who like more modern colors. Therefore, you don’t need to be confused to choose the color of your rustic coffee table.

So, for you who like something natural, then making a rustic coffee table is something you must try. Actually, you can combine this rustic coffee table with other home concepts such as modern, vintage or farmhouse. However, you must remember that the initial concept of rustic is to put forward something simple and natural. So, don’t hesitate to choose a rustic coffee table as an attractive coffee table in your house.


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