24 Planter Ideas to Create an Awesome Garden Landscaping

Talking about the beauty of the garden landscaping, the planter will be one of the aspects that can give such a big influence. The fact is that there are so many planter ideas so that you can have a varied planter to really adjust to your garden decoration style. Moreover, the materials are also varied as you can pick the one based on your budget and capability. Well, talking about planter, it is also really possible for you to create the DIY of it if you have time to do it. Here are some examples of the proper planters for your garden.

Flower Bed

A flower bed could be applied in case you want to have the planter in such a wide place to plant some different flowers at once. Although you might grow only one flower kind, it will be even more varied and proper if you utilize the flower bed to grow some different flowers whether in colors or in the kinds. You can even make it yourself by using the unused materials. Look at the following flower bed design examples!

Wooden pallet flower bed looks very beautiful and is suitable for use as a flower bed material. You just have to paint it then you are sure to get an awesome and cheap flower bed. Wooden pallet flower bed from familyhandyman.

Barrel wine that is complemented with flowers gives you the opportunity to have a unique flower bed. You can grow several different flower colors and make them even more beautiful. Barrel wine Planter from familyhandyman.

This one is such a wide large flower bed with different flower colors. The fascinating thing about this flower bed is that the flowers grow in a well-arranged design to create an awesome pattern. Stone Flower bed from familyhandyman.

A garden decoration using an old cart as a flower bed creates a unique look for your garden. Meanwhile, the kind of flowers planted in the flower bed with colors make a beautiful appearance. Wooden Cart Flower Bed from familyhandyman.

This flower bed is made of an old wooden piano which will create a beautiful view. Apart from that, the colorful flowers on top of this flower bed add to the beauty of the bed. Vintage Piano Flower Bed from familyhandyman.

This is one of the most creative but simple flower bed ideas. Especially with this unique shape and different flower varieties make your garden looks amazing. Sunburst Flower Bed Island from familyhandyman.

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Mozaic Planter

For you who love art so much, then the mosaic planter could be the best choice for you. There are some mosaic styles that you can choose for the planter design. The first one is the one that has a random mosaic application that will also have the artsy look. Then, the second one is the well-arranged mosaic application. Here, you can have a simple plain mosaic design, or you can have the patterned one. Take a look at the examples on down below!

Choosing a mosaic planter is something you should try to create a different look for your garden. All you have to do is just glue the ceramic pieces to the succulent pot for a stunning display. Mosaic succulent pot from thegardenglove.

Using this mosaic planter does provide a different view on your garden. Place it in an easy-to-see place to attract everyone’s attention. Mosaic planter from thegardenglove.

This planter with a simple mosaic design has a bright color suitable to make your garden looks beautiful. Bright color mosaic planter from thegardenglove.

Create your ideas by creating a mosaic-based PVC pipe planter. Place it in your garden to make your garden more colorful. Mosaic PVC pipe planter from architecturendesign.

This is a very creative planter with these mosaic-patterned boots. Combine with suitable plants to make it more beautiful. Mosaic-patterned boots from architecturendesign.

Having a beautiful pattern of mosaic planters makes your garden looks more elegant. Especially by planting beautiful flowers also affects everything. Pattern mosaic planters from architecturendesign.

Recycle Material Planter

You don’t need to be in doubt if you want to use the recycle material for your planter. It won’t be seen bad at all if you know how to create a good design and how to polish it so that the look can be proper enough. There are some old kinds of stuff that you can utilize as materials such as the tire, colander, shoes, and more. You can see the good ideas for this from the following pictures.

This flower planter from an old wheelbarrow keeps your flowers awake. Besides this flower bed can be moved as you like it. Wheelbarrow planter from trees.

If you have unused bed frame, you can use it for the planter in your garden. The large size of the bed frame is possible to plant different kinds of flower or can be turned into a flower bed. Unused bedframe planter from trees.

A used bra can also be a beautiful planter. Reuse an unused bra to create an extraordinary planter in your garden but can be your option if you want a different look in your garden. Used bra planter from blog.gardenloversclub.

You can make an old tire flower planter easily enough. You just need to simply add the base the grow the flowers there. Make it in stages if you want it. Old tire flower planter from trees.

Wheelbarrows are indeed planters that are different from the others. This is very creative and you need to try it to make your garden looks interesting. Wheelbarrow beds from trees.

Use unused vintage wagons to make fabulous planters in your garden. Recolor it for a prettier look. vintage wagons planter from blog.gardenloversclub.

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Terracotta Planter

Terracotta might sound old and not trendy, but you can absolutely make it looks awesome by giving the additional touches into it. It will be really recommended because it is not expensive at all. You can paint it in colors and create patterns, wrapping it with rope or fabric, and more. You can adapt the designs of it down below!

The choice of paint combined with the right pattern makes this clay pot more suitable for your garden. This time, the use of colorful paints can make it look unique in its simplicity. Colorful paints from bystephanielynn.

There are no restrictions on decorating a clay pot, this time painting on this pot will make this pot look very beautiful. Painting terracota pot from bystephanielynn.

This clay pot looks unique with ombre purple paint which will make your garden even more charming. Ombre purple paint from bystephanielynn.

This clay pot looks really cute with a chalk painting. Look simple but beautiful with creativity to make your garden more perfect. Chalk painting terraccota from bystephanielynn.

This clay pot looks great with this colorful gem patch. Looks simple but can make your garden even more stunning. Colorful gem patch from bystephanielynn.

This terracotta pot is wrapped in gravel for an attractive mosaic design. Place it on the edge of the garden for a pretty look. Terraccota mosaic planter from bystephanielynn.

Providing all of the planter ideas will be great. You can manage the placement so that could be artsy and not crowded. But, if you only have such a narrow garden space, just simply choose the one that proper enough based on your garden decoration style. Again, don’t forget to adjust it with your budget and capability. Happy gardening!

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