20 Best Rustic Wedding Décor Ideas

Rustic wedding decor is the most favorite wedding decor idea. This wedding decor is identical with natural and simplicity style. The natural ambiance, the detailed ornaments and the floral arrangement are only a few of magnificent items you can have for your wedding decorations. The key is to find harmony in combining rustic ornaments, nature details and unique touch to your display.

Enchant your celebration with our lists on best rustic wedding décor ideas below! 

1. Elevated Lanterns

Antique lanterns can be brilliant inspiration for having rustic wedding party. Put them higher to radiate awesomeness in your classical rustic celebration. These elevated lanterns definitely adorn your ceiling décor with unexpected feeling of beauty that’ll make your rustic elegant wedding décor perfect and amazing.

To complete the rustic wedding decoration, you can add elevated lanterns to your guest’s dining table. This way it will look good for your wedding decoration. Elevated lanterns and candle from linentablecloth.

To look beautiful at a rural wedding, you can give an elevated lantern to your wedding venue. You can add antique chandeliers to complete the decor. Elevated lantern and chandeliers from linentablecloth.

Adding black lanterns to the wedding decoration will give a rustic impression. Attach it to the wedding venue and add some other interiors to complete your rustic wedding decorations. Black lanterns from theknot.

Installing elevated lanterns will make your rustic wedding decoration even more festive. Complete the look with grape greenery for the perfect decoration. Elevated lantern and greenery from countryliving.

Raising this lantern really caught people’s attention. Add some greenery for an elegant and stunning rustic wedding decoration. Lantern and greenery from bridalguide.

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2. Rustic Wedding Backdrop and Ceremony Arch

To get a bigger rustic view theme you can apply a rustic wedding backdrop and ceremony arch. You can have a wood-based backdrop with flowers and green-brown leaves as an adorn. You can decorate the arch with rustic floral arrangement upon linen cloth beautifying your wedding décor.

Applying the backdrop for a wedding ceremony made of natural wood will add a rustic impression to your wedding. Add flowers to add to your wedding decorations, so you will get an attractive appearance. Wooden backdrop from elsesun.

A selection of wooden backdrops coupled with linens will create the perfect rustic wedding décor. Complete the look with dried flowers and white linens for a stunning look. Wooden backdrops and dried flowers from elegantweddinginvites.

Make your wedding backdrop from natural wood to get a rustic impression and place it outdoors. You can also add flower arrangements to complete your rustic wedding decorations. Outdoor wooden backdrop from elegantweddinginvites.

Simple rustic wedding decorations using natural wood bakdrop will give you a deeper rustic feel. You can add flower decorations to complete the decroation. Wood bakdrop with wreath from countryliving

Using a wooden backdrop for a rustic wedding ceremony will look attractive. Add blooms taped to linen to complete the decor. Wooden background from countryliving.

3. Rustic Floral Display and Arrangement

Flower is one of the key points of a rustic wedding décor’s success. Set rustic floral display around the tablescape, and bring the nature convenience to the celebration. You can put the flowers into glass bottles with lace and rustic rope decoration and place on the table as a focal point. So, this floral arrangement will make your party more alive and vivid.

To complete your rustic wedding decorations, you can add a rustic flower arrangement in your tablescape. Apply it to the glass bottle and place it on a piece of the wood cut as a tray to strengthen the rustic vibe. Glass bottles with lace from emmalovesweddings.

Complete your wedding table decoration with a flower arrangement placed in a glass vase. To add more romantic, a few candles inside the mason jar will make it look perfect. Flower arrangement and candles from emmalovesweddings.

Adding flowers in a bottle complete with rustic yarn decorations will enliven your rustic wedding décor. Complete the décor with a woodcut tray for a stunning look. Bottle with rustic yarn from emmalovesweddings.

A rustic wedding table decoration with flowers in a bottle adds a fresh impression. To add beautiful look and more rustic, you can decorate the glass bottle with a rustic yarn or lace. Bottle with yarn and lace from emmalovesweddings.

Place your flower arrangement in the jars then decorate your jars with burlaps to strengthen the rustic vibe and for a stunning look. This table decoration will serve as a focal point and make your rustic wedding decor more complete. Jars with burlap decorations from chicwedd.

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4. Rustic Bridal Bouquet

Rustic-Themed wedding décor will not be complete without rustic bridal bouquet. If you customized bridal flower bouquet you can arrange by putting rustic touch on it. The rustic bridal bouquet can be beautified with leaves and twigs together on your bouquet that’ll bring charm to your performance, too.

Setting up a bridal bouquet with a rustic touch is worth trying. Garnish with leaves and twigs in a wreath and wrap burlap string for a stunning look. Wrap burlap string from wantthatwedding.

Choosing a blush rose and a few green leaves will complete your romantic bridal bouquet. Wrapping a white cloth around the trunk will bring charm to your look as well. Blush rose from weddinginclude.

The selection of rustic flowers in a bridal bouquet will make for a stunning display. You can choose colorful flowers and tie them with fabric to the stem to complete the look. Rustic flowers from weddinginclude.

Applying a rural bouquet to a rural wedding is something you can try. Use rustic flowers and tied with ropes to complete your rural wedding. White linen tied bouquet from weddinginclude.

Rustic wedding bouquets that use rustic flowers and provide a white fabric on the stem to make it look attractive to complete your rural wedding. Rustic wedding bouquets from weddinginclude.

It is amazing how wedding décor ideas rustic-themed inspiration can wonderfully make your wedding day. Get some inspired and happy wedding!

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