52 Space Saving Storage Ideas You Can Adapt for Your Home

For home decoration, whether it is spacious or not, having the storage is such a must. Not only to store your stuff, but storage also becomes the savior for the neat and clean impression of your home. Especially when you have a lot of stuff or such a massive collection but you only live in a small occupancy. It will be a must for you to provide the storage in a space-saving design as you can put it anywhere you need it. You can put it in your kitchen, living room, laundry room, and more.

There are several storage ideas that you can adapt to. It could be the storage that independently installed or the one that added into the main storage that called the extra storage. Commonly extra storage stuck into the door of the storage. You can hang it there or install it by using magnetism. You can simply do it yourself by creating the DIY project. Or, if that won’t fulfill your desire, then purchase it from the store. Here are some space-saving storage references.

Drawer Storage Under the Stairs from diynetwork

Built-In Storage from diynetwork

Wall-Mounted Ironing Board from diynetwork

Wine Glass & Bottle Storage from diynetwork

Mudroom Cubbies from diynetwork

Pet Storage from diynetwork

Bike Storage from diynetwork

Nightstand Shoe Storage from diynetwork

Drawer Organizers from diynetwork

Stairs with Storage from diynetwork

Kitchen Storage and Pullout Pantry from diynetwork

Kitchen Island and Bookshelf from diynetwork

Bathroom Vanity Storage from diynetwork

Built-In Storage from diynetwork

Closet Storage Style from diynetwork

Craft Cabinet from diynetwork

Ottoman Storage from diynetwork

Under the Stairs Pet Nook from diynetwork

Metal Bookshlef from decoist

Floor to Ceiling Wooden Bookshelf from decoist

High Bookshelf from decoist

Wooden Bookshelf from decoist

Corner Bookshelf from decoist

Storage Over the Kitchen Sink from homebnc

Vertical Bathroom Organizer from homebnc

Alcove Storage from homebnc

Built-in Staircase Drawers from homebnc

Corner Bookshelves from homebnc

Cosmetic Cups Storage from homebnc

Floor to Ceiling Storage from homebnc

Attic Shoes Storage from homebnc

Bar Cart Loundry Room from homebnc

Vertical Nesting Drawer from homebnc

Hanging Iron Basket Behind the Door from homebnc

Rollout Pantry Storage from homebnc

Entryway Cubbies from homebnc

Storage under the Stair from homebnc

Over the Door Towel Shelf from homebnc

Glass Open Shelf from homebnc

Black Hanging Basket Storage from homebnc

Built-in Shelves and Hanging Vanity Cabinet from homebnc

Spice Rack from homebnc

Pull-Out Cabinet from homebnc

Black Open Shelves from homebnc

Corner Bookshelf from homebnc

Ladder Storage with Wicker Basket from homebnc

Plastic Holder Behind the Door from homebnc

Hanging Bookshelves and Baskets from shelterness

Hanging Toy Storage from shelterness

Pink Plastic Baskets from shelterness

Plastic Container Storage from thespruce

Wicker Basket from oldsaltfarm

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From the references above, you can see that there are some different materials used to make the storage. From the cheap one to the expensive one. With the high durability characteristic to the low durability characteristic. Everything will be back to your needs and budget. For example, if you need the storage to put clothes or any light stuff, the rattan or common basket will be appropriate although it might don’t have good durability like the iron.

Hence, the placement of storage is also really varied. Even for the extra storage, you can add an extra basket under the rack to divide the stuff that you store there. That will be really functional to make everything looks neat and well-arranged based on its type. Then, for the independent storage, to make it efficient as the space-saving storage, you can install it in the corner or on the wall with the blank area. If it is possible, you can even decorate it so that you can use it to beautify your room at once.


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